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Oct 2, 2004

The Possum Express

Sometimes problems need more than aesthetic solutions, as Scott Wegener found out
Signs of the Times, October 2004
Aussie Stories, 2011
Aussie Stories for Blokes, 2013

I don’t remember the real estate agent mentioning roofquakes as one of our house’s features. From the first night we moved in, we were graced with the “possum express,” a loud rumbling that began on one side of the house and exited the other—via the roof! In the twilight hours, it makes a conversation point for visitors. But when the express comes through in the wee hours of the morning, you find yourself abruptly awakened; the automatic response is scramble under the mattress, as your brain insists that the roof is about to cave in.

Jul 17, 2004

Important findings

"After my year (plus some) in the work-force wilderness, I was beginning to wonder if my career was of interest to God at all. "
 RECORD, July 17, 2004


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