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May 18, 2015

Compassion Flakes

Brief: A 5-minute drama on the topic of Compassion.
Written: Scott Wegener and the Edinburgh College drama class

Performance: Gilson College (Mernda) Chapel - May 18, 2015
Compassion = sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others

~Narrator: Once upon a time there was a boy

Cameron:  (Highish pitched) Hello

~Narrator: He was a big tough boy

Cameron:  (Deep) Hey

~Narrator: At least he thought he was tough, but this boy had one problem. He had no compassion for anyone.

It didn't matter what bad things happened to people around him, he wouldn't show any sympathy... to anyone. In fact, he was the opposite of compassion!

Someone could fall over.

Jessie: [falls over]

~Narrator: He wouldn't help, he would ...laugh.

Cameron:  (Laughs)

~Narrator: He could find out a friend's pet had died

Jessie: My cat, Fluffy, got hit by a car yesterday.

~Narrator: He wouldn't speak kindly, he would... Make fun.

Cameron:  Doesn't surprise me - Fluffy was the dumbest cat I know. Dumbest name for a cat with no hair too

Jessie: She had cancer

Cameron:  What are you sooking about then, it was going to die anyway!

~Narrator: He might see someone being bullied

Jessie: [to imaginary bullies] Hey, give me my lunch back!

~Narrator: He wouldn't step in and help, he would... join in the bullying.

Cameron:  Hahaha, got your lunch stolen, AGAIN!

~Narrator: If there was a story on the TV about thousands of people hurt and homeless from an earthquake, he wouldn't care, he would... change the channel.....

Cameron:  (Changes the channel)

 ~Narrator: to watch a game of football ...

Cameron:  Hey, football!

~Narrator: Between two teams he didn't even like.

Cameron:  I hate these teams... Oh well.

~Narrator: If he saw a homeless person on the street, he wouldn't give them his change... He'd go to Mc Donald's and eat only half the food he ordered... Throwing out the rest.

Cameron:  (Throws away bag)

~Narrator: If someone was afraid of flying,

Cameron:  What's your problem?

Jessie:  I’ve never flown before, not sure I can do this.

~Narrator: he wouldn't encourage them, he'd.... try and scare them.

Cameron:  Yep I think we will die, I saw one of the wings had a big crack in it... But what can we do, the seat belt sign's on, you'll make the plane crash if you take your seatbelt off now anyway.... (Hehehe)

~Narrator: If he knew someone had their girlfriend break up with them,

Jessie: [to imaginary girl] But... I love you!!

~Narrator: he wouldn't comfort them, he would ... Tease them.

Cameron:  Haha, you're all alone again!

~Narrator: If someone dropped something,

Jessie: [drops papers]

~Narrator: he wouldn't help them pick it up, he'd ... Walk over the objects

Jessie: Oi! Get off my homework

~Narrator: If an elderly person got on a bus and there were no seats,

Jessie: [walks up to chairs]

~Narrator: he would never move over.

Cameron:  (Spreads out)

~Narrator: If he saw someone step in dog poop.

Jessie: [walks over and whispers audibly to narrator :] Can we say 'poop' in font of this audience?

~Narrator: I guess so, it's in the script.

Jessie: oh no, I have stepped in dog poop.

~Narrator: He wouldn't quietly mention it, he'd ... Make a very big deal out of it

Cameron:  Pwaaaaw!!! You stepped in something awful, you stink!!! Get away from me!

~Narrator: If he knew someone who was embarrassed about their body, he wouldn't ignore it, but... make fun of it.

Cameron:  Wow your chin is really, really, REALLY big!

~Narrator: If someone performed a musical item and they made a mistake,

Jessie: [plays item, makes mistake]

~Narrator: He wouldn't ignore the error, he would tell everyone he saw about the error.

Cameron:  Did you hear that mistake, yeah terrible player, what about you, did you hear the mistake...

~Narrator: It seemed, No matter what misfortune happened to others around him - he NEVER showed any compassion to anyone, UNTIL ...

One day the boy was at the supermarket. He was on his way to buy some breakfast cereal when he saw an old man struggling to reach the top shelf. As he was staring at the man, having a little laugh to himself, he missed the box of cornflakes he was reaching for and accidentally grabbed a box of ... Compassion Flakes.

The next morning, the boy was watching the morning news while eating the compassion flakes, and something strange happened.

He started feeling sorry for the people who were homeless from the earthquake! He actually wanted to find a way to help them and one of his eyes even started to cry a little!

It seemed this boy now had compassion for people.

From that day on, If he saw someone fall over,

Jessie: [falls over]

~Narrator: He wouldn't laugh he would ...help.

Cameron:  (Helps)

~Narrator: If a friend's pet had died, he would speak...kindly,

Cameron:  I'm sorry to hear about your pet!

~Narrator: If he saw someone being bullied He would...  be a friend.

Cameron:  Got your lunch stolen again? Want some of mine?

~Narrator: If he saw a homeless person on the street... he would give them his change.

Cameron:  (Gives change)

~Narrator: If someone was afraid of flying, He would... encourage them.

Cameron:  We'll be fine - I fly all the time!

~Narrator: If he knew someone had their girlfriend break up with them, he would ... comfort them

Cameron:  Mate we should go play some basketball, help you take your mind off her.

~Narrator: If someone dropped something, he'd now ... help them pick it up

Jessie: Hey thanks!

~Narrator: If an elderly person got on a bus and there were no seats, he would ... stand and offer his seat

Cameron:  (Stands )

~Narrator: If he saw someone step in dog poop. He would ... quietly mention it.

Cameron:  I think you stepped in something!

~Narrator: If he knew someone who was embarrassed about their body, he would ignore it.

Cameron:  (see a big chin, is shocked by it, but says) Um, how about the weather!

~Narrator: If someone performed a musical item and they made a mistake, he would  ... ignore the error and encourage them

Cameron:  Nice item! Well done.

~Narrator: In fact, with his life filled with compassion, he was now one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Boys and girls, unfortunately you can no longer buy compassion flakes at the supermarket.... as they were very high in sugar.... Fortunately, you CAN choose to be compassionate all by yourself.

And I think we all agree, if everyone was compassionate, what a better world it would be to 'in live' ... I mean live in!

Cameron:  Haha, you said 'in live' not 'live in'.....

~Narrator:  Glares at Cameron

Jessie: Glares at boy Cameron

Cameron:   (Eats some dry compassion flakes and smiles with his mouth full)


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