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Dec 23, 2017

Prince of Peace

Brief: Christmas service skit to complement the theme 'Prince of Peace'
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Dec 23, 2017

 [Water lapping and boat sail sounds. Jesus leads and lies down, other two follow and talk: ] 

P: Didn't I tell you Bartholomew? Jesus is the MAN! Did you see how he handled that angry mob of people? He just peacefully walked through them. Man they were angry. I would have let them have it. 

B: He's always so peaceful.... 

P: [sigh] It's so good to sit down and get away from it all for a few hours. 

B: Easy for you to say, Pete, YOU don't get boat sick. 

P: Oh, you'll be fine this time, Barf-boy. Look at the sky full of stars, plain sailing from here. 

Christmas Welcome [Church Service Icebreaker]

Performance: Mid extended Christmas service at Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - December 23, 2017

If this is you first time to our church, we welcome you and hope you catch a glimpse of Jesus love for you today and come to realize He is the way to get peace in your life!

 For those of you who missed the start of our service so far, you've missed some excellent music and messages, ut don't worry, the extra sleep you got means you'll still be awake for the second half - while the early risers, who got here on time, start to dose off.

Actually, speaking of dosing, time for a quick interactive survey.

Can I have everybody standing up please.

Lets go, this is your chance to stretch. Up you get if you're able.

Sit if never had a Christmas:

  • Outside this state
  • Never outside of this country

Those still standing:

  • How was the Temperature?
  • Different food?
  • How you say Merry Christmas in their accent

 -- Sit --

 Before we continue. A few more quick question, and please vote by putting your hand up.

  •  Who here believes Santa will be bringing you presents because you've been good this year?
  •  Believes Jesus has given you blessings through this year, even though you haven't always been good?
  •  Who here has sent communications to Santa this year?
  •  Who here has sent communications to Jesus this year?

 Final vote

Who would you rather see in the sky above your home this Christmas Eve: Santa or Jesus?

 Hands up for Santa

Hands up for Jesus

That's a little close, better do a recount, again quickly, Santa? Jesus?


How wonderful it would be to see Jesus this Christmas

 Thanks everyone for playing


A final request: When the final prayer finishes our service today, ask a person around you where their furthermost Christmas has been and how that Christmas compares to a local Christmas.

Blessing to you all Have a wonderful worship with us


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