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Spread the Word - [ Farm theme, sharing Jesus with your friends. 4-act drama for an Adventurer Camporee]

 Presentation: NNSW Adventurer Camporee - October 7-9, 2022


Walter: Redhead – red and white horizontally striped top, dark pants.
- Doubter, directionally challenged, like so point at what he sees.

Alex: Darker skin and black hair, Purple cap and top, blue pants.
- Open minded, joker, LOVES cats.

Chris: brown hair, red top, dark pants, Shovel.
- Lead character, an enthusiastic sharing Christian.

Libby: Girl, Darker skin and black hair, light brown hat, light blue top and blue/green skirt. Wooden box of lettuce.
- Sweet, inquisitive, helpful.

Eliza: Girl, long blond hair, dark overalls, light top, basket of big carrots
- Strong skeptic from upbringing, but comes around.

All have yellow gumboots (if possible, not essential)

A Bird puppeteer: dressed in white (light colours) with black raven ‘puppet’
(cardboard cut-out with flappy wings, if not a puppet)

If God Didn't Know You [Devotional thought]

Can you imagine if our God DIDN’T actually know us.
One day you could be walking along and there is God, sitting at a park bench, on his phone, scrolling funny cat videos.

You pause and blurt out “Oh... my God!”

God kinda looks up, and goes, ‘hey’ in a deep Hemsworth kind of voice, and goes back to his phone.

You’re all 'deity stuck' but decide to go up to take a selfie with God but your phone battery’s flat.

So God kindly offers to take the photo on HIS phone, and even offers to print it and post it to you SIGNED.

So God asks you what you name is and where you live so he can send the autographed photo to you. While he’s writing your details down, he asks how your week’s going, and then announces he has to rush off but it was nice meeting you.

That would be quite the experience, and perhaps we’d settle it, it if we had the opportunity!

However, that’s not the God I believe the Bible teaches us about

I believe God does actually know us, inside and out, and if I was walking along and saw God is, sitting at a park bench, on his phone, scrolling funny cat videos.

I’m sure I’d blurt out “Oh, my God!” - He’d look up and call out
“Hey Scottie!! We finally meet face to face!" 

He gives me a big hug and says, “I was just thinking about you. I know you’ve been having a hard week. In fact, you’ve actually lost 6 hairs this week, and I’m sorry, they not going to be growing back.” 

And then he says, “I’m so keen to have you around my place, I have built something in my kingdom just for you, and I KNOW you’re going to love it!

How special it is to think that the God of the entire universe actually knows us - even something as trivial, yet complicated, as the number of hairs on our head! (Luke 12:7).
But not only does God know us but loves us too!

Guest Speaker Interview Questions

Here's some options for inviting your guest preacher up the front for a get-to-know-you interview during a church welcome.
  • Tell us where you grew up and where you’re currently ministering?
  • Do you have a family?
  • What sporting team do you most love? (Do you play? Anyone else play?)
  • What one food would you specifically like to see growing on the tree of life? (Anyone else like to see that?
  • Do you collect anything? (Anyone else collect the same thing?)
  • Finally, why did you become a pastor?

Standard Church Welcome [Visitors, online and in person]

Good morning everyone and welcome to [your church]

Particularly if this is your first time here, a special welcome to you for having the courage to step into an unfamiliar place,
and we pray that you feel right at home here and manage to catch a glimpse of God’s love for you today.

And we’d also like to welcome all those watching online, who haven’t joined us in the building for whatever the reason may be. We pray you will feel God sitting by your side as you watch today.
Why not put a message in the chat telling us where you’re watching from.

And to the rest of our family, welcome back, and make sure you go and say G’day to someone you don’t know before you leave church today.

 Have a blessed Sabbath everyone! 

Presidential Pitch [Morning workplace worship about future joy]

 Presentation: South Pacific Division Morning Worship - May 23, 2022
(written for a specific workplace situation, but could be adapted for a different location or for kids...)

[Greatest showman Music starts – Enter from back of room, Dark-glasses, suit wearing entourage of 2 or 3 follow. Photographer leads in front taking photos along the way. Takes some photos from the front seat for the first minute. Stand up front, entourage either side behind speaker. wit for end of intro music "...this the the moment you've been waiting for".]

Good morning, everyone

As most of you will be aware, there is a General Conference Session coming up soon.

At this session, there’s a possibility that our President may perhaps be elevated to the GC president role.
In this case, we’ll need to find a new leader for the SPD.

This morning, I’d like to put forward my name as a potential replacement for our President should he vacate his position in the coming weeks.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking “I should have worn a tie this morning for my new boss - because first impressions are everything.” 

Baptism Battle Cry [a spoken word piece during a slideshow of baptismal candidates]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 21, 2022

This dates been on the calendar, marked since before time began.

A day of celebration for three who choose the might of the light, over darkness. To serve the great I Am.

Today, arrived that date, angels gathered, none were late.

And one by one they went, into the watery grave, for but a moment, before being raised, for the save.

David Attenmother [Mother's day skit admiring mothers]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 7, 2022

Narrator speaks like David Attenborough


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