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Feb 3, 2018

The Why Thousand Years

Brief: Article about the Seventh-day Adventist fundamental belief 28 about the Millennium
Published: RECORD - February 3, 2018
Stopovers when travelling by air are generally good to avoid. That way you’re lessening the risk of disconnected flights, not to mention the opportunity for luggage to go missing.
However, there’s one stopover that will be a rewarding experience, even though it involves a 1000-year wait to go home—without your baggage too.
I’m talking about a stopover to end all stopovers—the millennium in heaven spoken about in the Bible.
It’s a common belief that people will be going to heaven for eternity. However, a little Bible study reveals we’re only there for a mere 1000-year stopover—and I say “only” because that’s not much longer than our great-great-(etc)-grandfather, Methuselah, lived for. After that we arrive back home on earth again. This means the rousing last verse of Amazing Grace really needs to be sung “When we’ve been there 1000 years . . .” to be biblically correct.
But don’t get upset at being returned to earth. I agree the proposition of leaving heaven to end up back on earth initially sounds like you’ve being downgraded from first-class luxury to miserable-class torture. But fear not, the earth is being reinstalled to its original sin-free goodness soon after our return.

Dec 23, 2017

Prince of Peace

Brief: Christmas service skit to complement the theme 'Prince of Peace'
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Dec 23, 2017

 [Water lapping and boat sail sounds. Jesus leads and lies down, other two follow and talk: ] 

P: Didn't I tell you Bartholomew? Jesus is the MAN! Did you see how he handled that angry mob of people? He just peacefully walked through them. Man they were angry. I would have let them have it. 

B: He's always so peaceful.... 

P: [sigh] It's so good to sit down and get away from it all for a few hours. 

B: Easy for you to say, Pete, YOU don't get boat sick. 

P: Oh, you'll be fine this time, Barf-boy. Look at the sky full of stars, plain sailing from here. 

Nov 25, 2017


Brief: a skit to complement a sermon on Legacy to church and community
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Nov 25, 2017

[Sombre background funeral organ music plays. Sam comes in and sits on one end of a row of chairs. An extra comes in and sits opposite end, then Joe comes in and sits in the middle. All have a funeral program and look through (has script in it :). Sam however has a pen out, thinks for a bit and then writes occasionally, but crosses out soon after.]

J: Huh! So his middle name was Bartimaeus

S: Yeah, he kept that secret well.

J: I see you're doing the eulogy.

S: Yeah.

J: So you were good friends with Matt?

S: Yes, long-time friends.

J: Aahhh, so much to talk about, hey. It's always hard to know what to leave out?

S: Well, I'm having trouble thinking of anything meaningful actually.

J: Oh, what have you got so far?

S: Well, not much really.... He was nice.

Nov 2, 2017

Jumpin Jerry

Brief: ‘Jump’ - some of the times when people were healed they would jump for joy.
Performance: Mountain View College junior day of worship - Nov 2/3, 2017
S: Hello girls and boys. My name’s Sarah the story teller, and it's so good to see you all here...

J: Hang on, hang on, stop right there!

S: Jerry, I'm about to tell these children a story. Can you wait?

J: You're telling stories alright! What do you mean you're happy to 'see' them all.

S: I AM very happy to see them.

J: No, you can't be!

S: Why not. They appear to to be well mannered... so far at least.

J: But you can't be happy to 'SEE' them... you're a puppet, you've got no eyes!

S: Yes I do! I had them sewn on the other night ... see!

J: Oh, right, my apologies, I forgot my glasses, my buttons aren't what they used to be. What's this story about anyway? Is it about the time you sneezed and a spaghetti came out your nose?? I love that story!!

S: NO Jerry. The story isn't about me. And we don't talk about the spaghetti incident in public, remember?

J: Oh... is it about the time I got a fidget spinner stuck up my nose? Boy did that make me fidget!

Oct 21, 2017

My God's More Awesome

Brief: a puppet show for a Children's church on the theme 'God is Awesome"
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Oct 21, 2017

Note: where possible, the puppeteer for ‘Onlooker’ needs to look/dress similar to each other.

Bragger 2: Wow, it's dry out there, it hasn't rained for weeks!

Bragger 1: You know, the God I believe in is so awesome He can make it rain ANY time He wants to.

Bragger 2: Yeah, well MY God is so awesome He can make it rain any time He wants to AND can also make fire come down from the sky.

Bragger 3: Really? Well MY God is so awesome He can make it rain any time, bring fire from the sky AND make the sun stop if He wants to.

Bragger 4: Well MY God is so awesome He can make it rain water or fire, stop the sun AND cause the stars to fall.

Bragger 5: My God is so awesome He can not only make it rain water or fire, stop the sun and cause the stars to fall, but He ALSO created this whole earth... [smugly]  just by speaking!

Sep 27, 2017

Move with the Power 2017 series [X5]

Performance: SPD Move with the Power youth leaders conference - Sep 27 - Oct 1, 2017
Brief: A series of 5short skits matching the night's topic of the progressing journey of a Christian

1. Enlightened

[Angela is sitting on couch reading a magazine, a Bible sits on a table
Josh walks in with a bag and holding a Football]

J: Hello?

A: Hi, You must be the new guy

J: Yeah. Josh [reaches out to shake hands]

A: Angela [shake hands] you play footy?

J: Oh yeah, it’s my life. Awesome game today. [mimes with the ball] two tries, and broke Barry’s ribs with a savage tackle. I was unstoppable today. You play footy?

A: Umm, nooo.

J: Watch it?

A: No way.

J: What, you a Christian or somethen, Angela?

A: What? Yeah? Because I don’t play football?

J: No, [points to Bible]  the Bible.

A: Oh! Yeah.

J: Seriously? You really believe those fairy tales?

Sep 23, 2017

Special Talents [Children's Story]

Brief: a Children's story to complement a sermon topic "fulfilling your undiscovered potential"
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Sep 24, 2017

Everyone sit across stage, facing audience.
You look like a very clever collection of children.
Do any of you have any tricks you can do with your body? Something maybe most other kids-or adults can't do that you can show us?

Stand up if you can :
  • Go cross eyed
  • Curl your tongue 
  • Whistle
  • Pat your head and rub tummy
  • Wiggle your ears
  • Poke out your tongue touch nose
I'm Pretty good at that one, and I have actually figured out some stretches you can do to be able to do it if you can't normally, so stand up if you want to learn
  • First: Stretch your jaw out as far forward as you can for a few seconds
  • Second, open oyur mouth as wide as you can for a few seconds
  • Third, point your tongue as low as your can for a few seconds
  • fourth, pont you tongue as far our forwards as you can
Now, rest for a moment as your face muscles will be loosened but sore for a bit, I'll show you the last two stretches in a moment .

Isn't it interesting how different people were good at doing different things. 
Hands up, who's good at:
  • Playing the piano?
  • Remembering things, like memory verses?
  • Holding a pet snake? (What about the audience, who's able to hold a snake?)
  • Doing Maths?
  • Drawing? (What about the audience?)
  • Doing Hard Jigsaw puzzles - like 1000 piece jigsaws
  • Reading
  • Writing stories
  • Doing Cartwheels (What about the audience?)
  • Climbing trees
  • Being friends with new kids you've never met?
  • Keeping room always tidy?
  • Finally, who's good at putting your hand up?
As you get older you will start to discover what special gifts you have. Some might be silly talents, like being able to balance books on your head - while riding a unicycle.
Others will be special talents you can use to make he world a better place, like teaching or writing books or making beautiful art.
I hope all of you, as you get older, will discover your talents a quickly as possible and then use them to serve God in any way you can.

NOW, your jaw and you tongue should be rested a bit now. Here's the final two stretches.
  • Stretch your tongue up as far as possible
  • Stretch out your hand and put it on your nose- there you go - your are all now poking out your tongue and touching you're nose at the same time.
 Give them a clap!


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