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Feb 3, 2019

Tips for Christian Actors (nerves and line rembering)

Dealing With Nerves

Be it acting, performing a musical item, giving the scripture reading or even taking the sermon, nerves can strike for many at church. These three tips are what calms me down and refocuses me.
  1. It's not about me!
    The biggest blessing we have presenting a church drama, in regard to nervousness, is that the drama isn't about the actors. Each drama is performed for the sole purpose of communicating a message that ties in with the day's theme. It's ALL about the message. Not about how well it's performed, or in efforts to gain accolade or further a career. While we want to perform our best to aid the communication of the message, it's ultimately all for the glory of God, not our own. Perhaps He's the one who should be nervous???
  2. Special Assistance
    While we do our best to learn lines and know what we want to achieve, I believe God steps in in at least two ways to help out where needed. This is either by assisting the actors in their presentation, and/or by prompting the individual minds of those watching with the message they should gain from what they see and hear. I believe God wants us to communicate well and will assist us where possible if we dedicate our work to His glory. If we all do our earnest best in the aspects of the drama we are responsible for, and for the right motives, that's all we can do. As for the rest, God can step in and even tailor different specific messages for different people watching the same drama. Even errors can lead to more memorable experiences and ultimately stronger communication of the drama.     
  3. The Prayer
    The prayer I pray if nerves do hit in the moments before, when the heart starts thumping, is this:
    "Lord, thanks for this opportunity to share a message for You. This is all about you. Support me now so at least one person receives the message You want them to hear. For your glory Lord, not mine. Amen" 

Remembering Lines

Well, you can Google for yourself methods of remembering lines, but let me share how we operate to perhaps ease any stress.
  1. Your words  
    Usually the lines in our scripts are opened to your interpretation. While care was taken to get the words in the script right, generally they do not have to be stuck to word for word - as long as you keep the sentiment of the original lines and flow of the dialogue, all is fine. Adding jokes may or may not be appropriate, so check first it may add or detract from the message.
  2. Promptings
    There are ways we can hide scripts, or give promptings, during a presentation. So if you have enough dialogue to feel you need some security, something could be set up. Just mention it.
  3. Short and sweet
    Generally speaking, our lines are very short.
  4. It's not Shakespeare
    People do not know the script. So when things come out differently, or ad-libbing comes to the rescue, most of the time, no one watching ever knows! As long as you know where the drama is meant to head and what the ultimate message is just keep rolling.

Dec 22, 2018

Star Guidance ​

Brief: A Christmas skit on the sermon topic of 'The Guiding Star'

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - December 22, 2018

[Four wise men walk down isle and stop on stage.]

1: We must stop, these heavily clouded skies are making it impossible to see the guiding star.

4: Not again. This is getting ridiculous. We just spent a week at the last town waiting for the clouds to clear and now, only three score furlongs along, we have to stop again and twiddle our royal thumbs.

2: Patience, young king, the guiding star is the only way we’ll find salvation.

4: There must be another way to help speed this up. I got Carol’s program to get back for.

3: Carols program?

4: Yes, princess Carol is holding a sing-a-long in our kingdom, I promised I’d host the event, so we can’t just wait around here doing nothing.

1: The scriptures suggest it is a star we must follow, and without clear skies we can not follow this guiding star.

4: Well, this obviously isn’t a very efficient way of navigating. Let me show you a gadget I’ve been working on. Its called a GPS.

Dec 16, 2018


Brief: A skit to introduce the topic of Peace

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - October 27, 2018

[ person comes and in casual, typical talk, says:]

R: Hi, How are you?

S: Good thanks.

R: How’s you family?

S: Good

R: How’s work?

S: Fine, thanks.

R: Great! We’ll get going in a moment.

[R walks off]

[per-recording of S plays of troubled mind, where S talks about one worry, the volume fades a little and the next worry topic starts speaking on top of that (so there's two voices speaking at once now) and then after a couple of seconds the next worry (so there's three voices speaking now - and each new worry is a bit louder so you can hear it over the first worries - and so on until we end up with a group of voices disturbing the peace in S's head. Example: how am I going to pay this months rent.... my back is killing me, I can hardly sleep... Why is my wife so distant from me these days... this global warming is a real worry.... What am I going to tell my boss about that accident. I'm going to get fired for sure... etc]

[R returns just before the recording finishes]

Nov 17, 2018

High Forgiveness

Brief: A skit to introduce the topic of Forgiveness

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - November  17, 2018
[Grudge and Joy are voice-over parts with two miming actors]

Captain voice-over: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve now turned off the seat-belt light and our cabin crew will come around shortly with some drinks.

[Flight attendant comes and delivers drinks but spills them equally over the two people seated]

Flight attendant: I’m so sorry!

Grudge: Unbelievable! I can’t believe this just happened.

Joy: Unbelievable! I can’t believe this just happened. Oh well, I guess accidents happen.

Grudge: Call yourself a flight attendant? More like a flight offendant.

Oct 13, 2018

25 words or less

Thought I should collect some of my 'interesting' responses to 25 words or less competitions.

In 25 words or less: why have you outgrown your family car?

We've outgrown our family car because we thought having an ingrown family car would be very painful (and it'd be hard to find fitting shoes).

Sep 15, 2018

Injecting Stress

Brief: A skit to introduce the topic of Stress

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 15, 2018
September: Stress

NOTE: All Pat’s talking is done via voice-over.
[Pat walks in, and sits very nervously, leg jittering. Sweaty]

Pat: I can’t believe I’m doing this. I HATE injections. In fact they must be so bad I’ve blocked out all memory of them cause I don’t think I ever remember having one!
Oh, what am I even doing here? I should never have come. I’ve got to get that project done for my boss by the end of day or my job’s sunk. And no job, no mortgage payments, no mortgage payments, no house.

[Pat checks arms]

Pat: Great, now I’m all sweaty, the doctor will probably slip when he’s injecting me...

Sep 1, 2018

Father's Apprentice

Brief: A drama for fathers Day sermon titles "a Fathers Influence".

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 1, 2018

Set to an edited down version of Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice soundtrack

[first Strings stanzas]
Standing net to each other, Father tries a few times to show son how to shake hands, but he never does in return.

[hopping sounds that turn into marching]
Dad stomps foot in frustration and thinks.
Pause until second music stomp and then son stomps in time with music once.
Father a little surprised, tries again curiously, with two stomps in time with music
Another pause and son does two stomps with music.
Father excited, starts marching on the spot with music, watching to see if son follows, son soon copies, and they march in a circle doing a 'skip' in time with the music.

Father thinks what else to do, tries rolling arms, then son copies
Father tries knocking knees, and son copies


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