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Crazy writer for hire

Do you need to hire a crazy writer? 

Someone who can write nonsense that, on one level, actually makes logical sense, but is essentially plain crazy talk, to the point of hilarity?
Do you need to hire a funny writer, that is, hire a humorous writer, who can think outside the box and write fresh unique ideas never thought of before?

Perhaps you need a silly writer for a column, blog, social media presence, like Twitter tweets or Facebook posts and status updates, or for print or radio advertising? Perhaps its creative captions you need, or a funny skit or drama script?

And amongst all the silliness and craziness, do you still want a point to the writing, however subtle it needs to be?

Introducing Scott Wegener!
A multi award winning, originality certified, writer for hire.

See some of his silly commissioned works, all written to meet specific briefs.
They all have varying degrees of craziness, to suit the supplied briefs.
But imagine if you supplied YOUR briefs - it would be rather uncomfortable walking up stairs wearing corduroy pants...indeed.

Contact Scott to discuss your requirements and receive a no obligation quote.


All items on this site are written by Scott Wegener, a multi award-winning Australian creative writer, specialising in fun Christian dramas and articles. He believes in looking on the lighter side of life while still valuing the eternal seriousness of life's decisions. This site is essentially a place Scott stores his works, sometimes without much copy-editing (do forgive any spelling/grammar creativity you spot on this site that comes free of charge due to his slight dyslexia).


While Scott Wegener holds the copyright to everything on, you can freely use (and adapt) what you find here on two conditions:
1. You're not using it for any commercial purpose.
2. Tell Scott what and where you're using something (include a YouTube link if performed and it rocked, and he can add it to the script page for others to see how it goes live!)
For commercial requests, or to commission something original for your specific needs, just ask! (He's a friendly Aussie!)