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Jan 29, 2005

Help Handling Hypocrites

"As Christians,we are representing the idea of true forgiveness to the world."
 RECORD, January 29, 2005

Jan 2, 2005

At the Crease with Adam Gilchrist

There’s been a return to old-fashioned values in sport, it seems. And despite contrary economic pressure, it appears it is catching, suggests Signs online editor Scott Wegener.
Signs of the Times cover article, January/February 2005.

The Australian cricket team’s wicket-keeper/ batsman, Adam Gilchrist, is among the most exciting players in cricket today. He scores just as many runs as the best of batsmen, but usually at such an explosive rate that bowlers might wish they’d never walked onto the field. Recently, however, Adam Gilchrist has not only become an ambassador for a major aid organisation, but also decided to exchange one of cricket’s long-accepted practices for honesty.

25 Words or Less: Come up with a plot for Star Wars VII

November 2005

Scott's running up entry:

"R2-D2 crates a midiclorean simulation program allowing flawless use of 'The Force'. Stolen by the dark side, they use R2 for ultimate evil that can only be stopped by he who knows him best, C3-P0."

To be or not to be . . . and elder

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God, 2005.

When approached by our pastor to become an elder at my church, I was taken aback. "I can't be an elder," was my first thought. "I'm only 24 and the title is elder, not younger."

Following those thoughts of my relatively young age, an even heavier burden started to weigh on my mind: "I'm no Bible scholar either. I don't know who begot who, or the dates to the prophecies. I'm terrified of reading in public, let alone praying up the front of church during a Communion service. Surely I'm not qualified enough to take this honoured role."


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