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Feb 17, 2007

Green eggs and ham: eat it or scram?

The Edge, February 17, 2007

They say ask a silly question, get a silly answer. So I guess if you ask a rhyming silly question you should get a rhyming silly answer:

The question you ask
It is a big task
The Bible’s reasons, we’ll use to unmask

Ham is forbid
And so is squid
Deut 14 explains it, as to a wee kid

About the green eggs
This question still begs
There’s no Bible stance on, that’s got any legs

Should we go eat
For it is not meat
Lawful to dine on, before it goes tweet?

Eggs of the norm
Are OK in form
But will being green, cause one stomach storm?

If egg were eggplant
Like eaten by an aunt
Gen 1:30 says green, would be a fine slant

So what do we do?
We’re in quite a stew
No advice to receive, that we can call true

Abstain I do say
Keep well away
And when we’re in heaven, we will check the buffet

(Dedicated to Kevin Whyte – whose courage is like a flying kite.)
“God is a vegetarian with no ifs and buts – But He desires spiritual fruit, not spiritual nuts!"


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