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Apr 2, 2010

How I Became a Loser

Hope can drive you to collect the strangest things, as Scott Wegener discovers.
Signs of the Times, April 2010
Aussie Stories, 2011

I think I can safely say I’m one of Australia’s biggest losers. It took me a long time to proudly earn this title - and I did it without any weight fluctuations. Let me share how I became a loser, in case you want to follow my lead.

It all started in a shopping complex, before I was a teenager.  I was looking through a rubbish bin to pass the time with two of my cousins - who probably don’t want to be named at this point. We were bored and decided to look for winning scratch-off lottery tickets in the rubbish bin (did I mention we were bored?). After scrounging tens of tickets, we found a winner! Fortunately, at this time one cent coins were still in circulation in Australia, so I could faithfully pay out 66 cents to each cousin after cashing in the ticket.


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