Counting Sheep

How can we evaluate our evangelistic efforts?

CQ, June 20, 2012
Hebrews 10:24,25

How can we evaluate our evangelistic efforts? What can we measure and how can we get the data to do so? Here are some ideas that may help you decide whether an evangelistic event was successful, needs tweaking or cancelling all together.

Note: I'll use "Seekers" as meaning the guest that is not a church member, "Advertisement" as how you attracted the Seeker and "Event" as what you did when they engaged with you.

What can you measure, and how:
1. Baptisms
This is the most obvious measurement and stereotypically deemed the biggest sign of evangelistic success. However, a road to baptism can be a long process and it may only happen years later and not even in your local church. Asking newly baptised members about their main stepping stones in their journey to baptism will tell you what Events had an impact. Be sure to let the leaders of each of those Events know when they did play a part in the persons journey.
2. Bible Studies
Another popular measurement of success is counting the people who have signed up for Bible studies after the Event.
3. Church Attendance
Slightly harder, depending on the size of your church, is keeping a record of those attending church services after participating in an Event. If you can't tell if someone was an Event participant, asking any visitor how they found out about your church is an interesting discovery.
4. Participant's thoughts
Thoughts At the end of an Event, if you have the chance, survey everyone about how they found out about the Event, what they thought of it, have they learnt anything and are they interested in the next Event coming up?
5. Participation Numbers 
Keep track of the numbers of Seekers you first have participating. This shows the effectiveness of your Advertising. If the Event happens more than once, see how many people drop away (or build) after each occurrence and you'll end up with an indication of how well the Event is connecting with Seekers.
6. Demographics 
Have someone compile the demographics of the Seekers, including their age, sex, nationality and class. This can help you see who is interested in what type of Events and what demographics you're not reaching.
7. Internal Moral 
Survey the members that helped to run the Event. Ask how they thought it went, what they thought did and didn't work and if they have the energy and willingness to do it all again.

Now you have the data, you can answer and address questions like these:
- Was the advertising effective?
- Did the event hold the audience?
- Was there a reasonable pickup of the invitation to the next on Event or special offers?
- How was church member moral and involvement?
- What demographics were missing?
- What shall we do better next time?

1. Can you think of three ways a time consuming and expensive evangelistic event can be of benefit if no long term 'interest' is shown by seekers immediately after it? 
2. What amount of money do you think is acceptable to be spent on evangelism per baptism?


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