In Heaven Tonight LIVE: Christmas Edition

Brief: A Christmas service drama without an obvious sermon.
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - December 20, 2014

In Heaven Tonight LIVE is a talk show like David Letterman where a presenter sits behind a desk and has celebrity guests that are light heatedly interviewed.

A desk is on the right side of stage with a guest chair/s or couch at centre of stage.

Jokes, free-flowing, but generally scripted, and fast paced - each guest has some fun but also some thought provoking concepts discussed (making this more than mere entertainment)

Set in Heaven, so there are retrospective questions of what happened on earth, as well as discussion about what they are up to in heaven.

- This is a ‘Christmas’ edition which has characters from the Christmas story of Jesus birth - the final guest being the biggest ‘sermon’ content of the production (written by Pr Rob Steed) This production covers an entire church service.

You could also have posters in the foyer, notes in the bulletin or video promos in the weeks before hand. Have a mug on the table with the logo glued to it.

Christmas Made Easy: Carols Programs

Brief: A Christmas drama (with a BIG finish).
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church Carols Program - December 13, 2014

[Presenter] Welcome to chapter five of Christmas Made Easy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to run a successful Christmas carols program.

One of the simplest ways to build the ambience of your carols program is by adding Christmas lights. But make sure you don’t overload the power board by using too many lights.

[Assistant 1] Walks in while presenter is talking, is all tangled up in lights and, as kneeling down at back of stage, a camera flash and party popper goes off after presenter finishes paragraph. Assistant walks off waving hand as if clearing smoke.

Santa 2.0

Scott Wegener polishes his resume for a job application that is out of this world.
Signs of the TimesDecember 2014

I saw a job advertisement for a Santa Claus the other day. I thought that strange. I mean, if I were immortal, had magical abilities and the satisfying role of bringing cheer to children around the world every year, why would I ever retire?
Has the online shopping trend negatively impacted on Santa too? Or is the mixture of cold and having to contort in and out of chimneys too much for an old man’s arthritis?


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