Prince of Peace

Brief: Christmas service skit to complement the theme 'Prince of Peace'
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Dec 23, 2017

 [Water lapping and boat sail sounds. Jesus leads and lies down, other two follow and talk: ] 

P: Didn't I tell you Bartholomew? Jesus is the MAN! Did you see how he handled that angry mob of people? He just peacefully walked through them. Man they were angry. I would have let them have it. 

B: He's always so peaceful.... 

P: [sigh] It's so good to sit down and get away from it all for a few hours. 

B: Easy for you to say, Pete, YOU don't get boat sick. 

P: Oh, you'll be fine this time, Barf-boy. Look at the sky full of stars, plain sailing from here. 

B: I hope so.... [looks over where Jesus is laying] How does Jesus get to sleep so quickly? 

P: I guess when you're as peaceful as him getting to sleep is easy. 

B: [thinks] Do you think he was a peaceful baby? 

P: Well, I can't imagine him ever throwing a tantrum, if that's what you mean.

B: Yeah, but did he ever cry and scream like a baby? I mean my cousin's kid - wow! What a wailer! I can't imaging Jesus being like that... ever. 

 P: We should ask Mary for some stories of his childhood. There must be something he was wasn't so perfect over as a kid... 

 [three 'clinks' are heard in sound track] 

B: Hey Peter...

P: Yeah? 

B: Where have all those stars gone? 

P: What? I'm sure the stars were out just a minute ago

[Big thunder crack then wind and surround thunder - start fans, darken room.] 

B: You said it was going to be calm sailing! 

P: It was! 

B: Peter, there's water coming in the boat! 

P: Here, use this bucket! [peter starts bailing water, Barf boy spews into bucket] 

P: Mate! We need to empty the boat, not fill it! Start bailing! 

B: Shouldn't we get Jesus help too? 

P: What? 

B: Jesus is still asleep! 

P: Well wake him up! Wake him!!! 

B: It's too late, we're going under. 

[ stumble around until big crack of thunder] 

P: Jesus! Jesus! Save us. This storm, it's too great!

[Jesus stands, back to the audience, and raises arms in the air - voice-over says "Peace, be still" and the words 'prince of peace' echo around all the speakers separately. And all goes to quiet, fans off, lapping sound once again. Then fade out. 

 Both: [amazed and bow to Jesus] Prince of peace! 
(alternate ending, every one freezes for a few seconds)

 [Walk off stage]


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