Tree of Life [Church welcome]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - January 11, 2020

Good morning everyone!
Welcome to Castle Hill Church.
A specific welcome to everyone who’s visiting us.
We hope you feel loved today, by our family here and by our loving Father in Heaven.

I’m told today’s speaker will be talking about Heaven, a topic I’m very passionate about.
Hands up who here is looking forward to our promised new life in Heaven?

Now, it just so happens that I may or may not have received a text from God this morning and He wants me to ask everyone here:
What would would you like on the Tree of Life in Heaven.
I note this message doesn’t ask for fruit’ specifically, so perhaps we can choose any food!??
Let’s go with that.
I think we need at least 12.

[walk around church asking people]

Oh, I may or may not have just gotten another text from God,
Says: thanks for your suggestions... oh, he may try [insert conservative church/denomination nearby] for some more serious ideas.

I pray you all have a blessed time with us this morning - and that hearing a glimpse about our awesome future brings you to a greater appreciation of how much you are loved by God, and how the pain filled life as we know it now is not the ultimate life our God has planned for us.

Happy sabbath to you all.


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