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Forgiving Welcome [church welcome for a srermon on Forgiveness]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Jul 25, 2020

G'day, and welcome to our Castle Hill, Seventh-day Adventist Church, online service. 

Have you ever needed forgiveness?
Did you get it?
How did you feel when you knew you were forgiven?
or, How do you feel knowing someone still hasn't forgiven you?

And have you ever needed to forgive someone for something significant?
Was it hard to forgive them?
Or is there still someone you just can't bring yourself to forgive?

Do you think someone can do something so bad that forgiveness is never an option? Or is there always a possibility for forgiveness?

The experience giving and receiving forgiveness is different for everyone.
But what is the ultimate meaning of forgiveness?

Today we're excited to have Pastor Eddy Johnson exploring this topic a little later on.

But first, were going to have some music, praising our loving creator.

So, Whether this is your first time joining us, or if you're a long time family member of Castle Hill church, we're so glad you're watching, and it's our prayer that this presentation will be a blessing to you.


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