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Oct 10, 2020

The Peacemaker [Puppet play with Abbot and Costello feel]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Oct 10, 2020



[Alex] Well hello children! Today I’d like to talk to you about something called peacemaking. Now…

[Costa] Hey! Alex!  Have you seen my baseball bat?

[Alex] Well hello Costa, say I was just telling the children here we’ll be talking about peacemaking today

[Costa] You were talking to the children?

[Alex] Yes I was?

[Costa] Well I don’t see no children?

[Alex] No, there’s no children here.

[Costa] Well then how are you talking to the children if there’s no children? Huh!?

[Alex] Well no, the children are watching us from the camera

[Costa] There’s children in the camera? We’d better get them out. They’ll make a mess in there.

[Alex] No no no, they’re not IN the camera. The camera is recording us and the children will be watching us on the Internet.

[Costa] On the internet?

[Alex] That’s it.

[Costa] We that’s terrible!

[Alex] Why is that terrible

[Costa] You can’t have children on the internet unattended – that’s a a very dangerous place for a child to be unattended.

[Alex] Oh well I’m sure they have their parents with them

[Costa] Well I hope so, if children are on the internet unattended, they could fall off and break a leg or something.

[Alex] We’ll I not sure that’s how being ON the internet works.

[Costa] Hey have you seen my baseball bat? I think Jimmy took it, he’s so mean.

[Alex] Is he really?

[Costa] Yeah, I tell you, he makes me so mad. I‘m making up a picture of him looking like a donkey and stick it up on my instagram

[Alex] Well that’s not very nice

[Costa] Yeah, well, he deserves it, he stuck a picture of me looking like a pig yesterday

[Alex] Oh did he.

[Costa] Yeah, he mustn’t have liked the picture I posted of him looking like a monkey on instagram   

[Alex] Now why would you do that?

[Costa] Well he posted a picture of me looking like a skunk

[Alex] Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. You’re replying to each others pictures in revenge?

[Costa] Yeah

[Alex] We’ll, isn’t that a little silly. When will it stop?

[Costa] I dunknow. When he says he’s sorry.

[Alex] Well now, maybe he’s waiting for YOU to say you’re sorry?

[Costa] We’ll I’m not saying sorry. Especially if he too my baseball bat

[Alex] You mean that one behind you?

[Costa] Oh… yeah.

[Alex] I think you two just need to stop, say you don’t like what the other person’s doing and apologize for what you’ve done. Then you could make some peace!

[Costa] Make some peace?

[Alex] Yes. And go play some baseball

[Costa] With Who?

[Alex] Naturally. And Jimmy too.

[Costa] What?

[Alex] Him too,

[Costa] I don’t know

[Alex] There, you’ve got the bases covered. So delete your mean picture, go say sorry, make some peace and play some ball.

[Costa] Yeah, ok. Thanks Alex.

[Alex] Well I’m sorry kids, we’ve run out of time to talk about peacemaking, and I’d better go watch this ball game and help people to play nice…. [ leaves screen but comes back quickly] Kinda like peacemaking I guess.



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