If God Didn't Know You [Devotional]

Can you imagine if our God DIDN’T actually know us.
One day you could be walking along and there is God, sitting at a park bench, on his phone, scrolling funny cat videos.

You pause and blurt out “Oh... my God!”

God kinda looks up, and goes, ‘hey’ in a deep Hemsworth kind of voice, and goes back to his phone.

You’re all 'deity stuck' but decide to go up to take a selfie with God but your phone battery’s flat.

So God kindly offers to take the photo on HIS phone, and even offers to print it and post it to you SIGNED.

So, God asks you what you name is and where you live so he can send the autographed photo to you. While he’s writing your details down, he asks how your week’s going, and then announces he has to rush off but it was nice meeting you.

That would be quite the experience, and perhaps we’d settle it, it if we had the opportunity!

However, that’s not the God I believe the Bible teaches us about

I believe God does actually know us, inside and out, and if I was walking along and saw God is, sitting at a park bench, on his phone, scrolling funny cat videos.

I’m sure I’d blurt out “Oh, my God!” - He’d look up and call out
“Hey Scottie!! We finally meet face to face!" 

He gives me a big hug and says, “I was just thinking about you. I know you’ve been having a hard week. In fact, you’ve actually lost 6 hairs this week, and I’m sorry, they not going to be growing back.” 

And then he says, “I’m so keen to have you around my place, I have built something in my kingdom just for you, and I KNOW you’re going to love it!

How special it is to think that the God of the entire universe actually knows us - even something as trivial, yet complicated, as the number of hairs on our head! (Luke 12:7).
But not only does God know us - but loves us too!


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