Line Up [Morning worship activity]

You need a space where everyone present can line up.
Give each person a pen and piece of paper to keep their own scores.

When people line up in the order asked, they score 1 point if they are the person on either end of the line, then, moving in, people get one extra point for every place closer to the middle they are - with the people in the center getting the most points.

eg: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 

Have an assistant to help count from one end of the line, and the presenter from the other, and as you count the line together from opposite ends, call out the numbers until you meet in the middle.

If people tie, and you can't separate them with more detail, then the tied people stand together and get the same points.

Each person needs to note/add their score after each round.


Line up in order of:

  • Name (Alphabetical)
  • Height
  • Age
  • Yearly birth date 
  • Current Hair color
  • Weight (just kidding!!!!)
  • Distance from home to get here
  • Time worked/worshiped here

Write down your score [do the count off our loud - then next order]

Ok, now add up your total score but don't tell anyone.

Sit down if you scored under  20 or under. 21 or under. 22 or under.....

[Last person standing]

Congratulations, you are officially the most average person who works/worships here!

Imagine if we made a representative of Earth with the same method we did just now, and that person was our representative that was judged by God to decide a future in Heaven with Him or not.

I suppose that is one method God could have used to judge the earth. 

It would be bad news for some 'very good' people who are downgraded,
but great news for some 'very bad' people who are upgraded.

How assuring it is that we have Jesus as our representative, where everyone who want's it, is upgraded.


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