The Comforter [Easter script]

An Easter themed drama, for 4. The Roman Centurion is visiting a counselor on Sunday morning - feeling guilty about killing the Son of God. 

[Two office chairs are on stage. Counsellor “Flavius” walks in yawning and with a cup of coffee. Secretus follows soon after with a clipboard to hand to the Counsellor]

Secretus: Your 8 o’clock is here [Hands clipboard to Counsellor]

Counsellor:  Thanks, send them in. [Yawns, sips coffee cup]

[Maximus comes in]

Counsellor:  Hi Maximus … Take a seat.  So how can I help you, on this … [not overly impressed] early… Sunday…. Morning?

Maximus: [stunned] I’m very stressed.... I haven't slept in two days.

Counsellor:  So, what's happened?

Maximus:  I’ve just killed someone.

Counsellor: [slight pause] Oh! … OK! …  But that’s part of your job, right? … I mean … You’ve been involved as a Roman Centurion in killing many people before this, but you’ve never been overly troubled before, have you? 

Maximus:  No! No! … this is different! … I’ve...  I've killed the Son of God.

Counsellor: [slight pause] Right!                                                                                                                      [The door opens and Secretus pops her head in] … Would you mind cancelling the rest of my morning’s appointments. I think I'm going to be here for a while.
[back to Maximus]  … So, … who exactly did you say you’d killed?

Maximus: The Son of God... Jesus of Nazareth.

Counsellor: Oh … right!!  Yeah, I’ve heard that he proclaimed Himself to be King of the Jews, the Son of God … So, were you in charge of that crucifixion?

[Maximus nods slowly]

Counsellor: So, what makes you think He was the Son of God?

Maximus:  I’d seen Jesus healing people around town, and just thought he was a very good magician - it was very entertaining to watch. But he was causing quite a stir in town, and I was noticing people in the city were starting to be more confident and stand up to us a little more. You saw the reception Jesus got when he entered town a few days ago! It was making my work more difficult, you know.
I was so glad when they brought him in to be beaten. We dressed him up as a king and got some thorns and made a crown and made fun of him.
And then we began to hit him on the head with the staff we gave him, again… and again. Man, I hit him so hard… I don’t know what came over me. I knew this guy hadn’t really done anything wrong, but I was revelling in the act, as if I’d been waiting thousands of years for this very moment to hit him. I just wasn’t myself. [slow and reflective]... He just took it all.
Then his journey up to Calvary was so slow. The guy could hardly walk, so I had to get someone else to help even. And when we arrived I had ropes and all, but I was compelled to use nails and… and again, while most people fight back at this point, as I had someone hammering, he just lay there ... 

And as we raised him up. He… he looked at me. And… he forgave me? Who does that!? In all my years, no one has ever reacted this way!  
We gambled for his garment while he hung there and everyone was throwing insults at him.
He asked for a drink, I offered him some vinegar wine to take away the pain, but he wouldn’t take it at first.
Then by about noon – it went so dark! We had to light the flares, we couldn't see a thing. And then by about three he again asked for a drink, this time taking some, and then immediately after calling out “It is finished”, and that big earthquake happened right after he called out… and… he died.
It was then that I knew – I’d just killed the Son of God.

Counsellor: Hmm … Hmmm … Hmmmmm! … So, if this Jesus WAS the son of God, it’s incredible don’t you think? I mean, if He was God He would have had to have given up tremendous glory and power, and humble himself beyond recognition to come and live down in our world? … And you know,  I don’t believe anyone has ever seen a God who has actually come and lived with us before … Seriously you’d have to wonder if He would have known that this wouldn’t end well and He’d be killed? 

Maximus: I know!!  he must have known!

Counsellor:  So, if he WAS the son of God, don’t you think he could have saved himself?                          Why would he and his Father-God let us kill him if they had the power to stop it? That’s just Crazy! [oops, don’t say ’crazy’]… Sorry! 

Maximus:  Well! … It felt like… He wanted to be there … Like He had to be there, … to save us, to save the world or something!!

Secretus:  Excuse me, Sir! (agitated) … I’m sorry to interrupt …  But I’ve got a bunch of people out here who are claiming they’ve all seen Jesus this morning … and they’re all wondering if they’ve gone crazy .. or if Jesus really is alive again.

Maximus:  Well, it can’t be him. I speared him myself. He’s dead.

Soldier 2: [from back room initially]  Maximus!  Maximus!  Are you there? [Bursts into the room in a panic.]

Secretus:  Hey, you can’t go in here!

Soldier 2: [afraid] But He’s alive! That Jesus bloke we killed.  He’s alive!

Maximus: He’s Alive? [confused] He’s Alive! [Happy] He’s alive? [Concerned] He’s alive?! [terrified - jumps up] Hey!, we gotta get out of here – We killed him, he’s going to be after us! 

Soldier 2:  Where can we go? 

Maximus: Somewhere far.

Soldier 2: Tarshish!?

Maximus: Sure… let’s just get out of here, now. [exit with haste, things go quiet]

Counsellor:  Huh,  “Son of God”…. dying to save us. [shakes head]  Incredible! Why would He?




Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 8, 2023



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