Follow My Lead [mime script]

The robots throwing rubbish represents people stuck in life, spewing out rubbish again and again and getting now where. Jesus comes, suggests a better way, and steps in and leads by example, encouraging us to follow him. Taking the sins and throwing them away and taking a new straight direction - and Jesus takes away our sins forever.

Cast of 7. One of whom is an enthusiastic mime.

Circle of 6 people slow ‘waddle march’, rocking side to side each step like robots,
in time with Moneagues and Capulets Romeo and Juliet.
As music starts they all begin their slow rocking marching in an anticlockwise circle for the 4 slow beat introduction, somewhat slumped posture.
After first 4 slow beats, the first person starts their sequence while the others march along behind them.
Sequence is:
1.    Left step:
2.    Right Step: pulls out rubbish
3.    Left step: holds out rubbish
4.    Right step: drops rubbish mindless, just before reaching a bin
Then they continue following the person in front of them, around in a circle.

The person behind them has been marching in time too, watching, then copies exactly for their 4 slow beats.
The cycle repeats in a circle for all 6 people.

Larry walks on stage during the second round.  
Larry walks around normally (not marching) and watches what’s going on and, upset at the mess, tries to point to the bin, trying to get the robots to put the rubbish in the bin.
They don’t notice, as are just focused on the person in front and copy.

Larry breaks into the circle just before the sixth person starts their third round: Picks up rubbish from floor BUT puts in the bin instead of dropping it, and continues straight, nice posture, not circling, to others follow.
Others repeat new move until all 6 (7) are done.
At end, all turn in rapid sequence to face the front with the music beat, and then all give thumbs up in sequence with the ending “da da da daa” timing. Bow and circle off stage.


Timing list for edited down Audio track:

2 wind up sound effects
2 ticks sound effects for timing.
•    Mark Time (4 beats), slumped posture

3.    Drop (all drops are on the 4th beat...)
4.    Drop
5.    Drop
6.    Drop [Snare]
7.    Drop
2.    Drop
3.    Drop
4.    Drop [Strings]  [LARRY ENTERS]
5.    Drop [Trom] (confused, casually points rubbish)
6.    Drop [Trom] (hands in air, what are you doing?)
7.    Drop (watches)
2.    Drop (Strong points)
3.    Drop [Snare] (points bin)
4.    Drop (hands on hips, shakes head, lost for ideas)
5.    Drop (Disheartened- hands on hips, shakes head, lost for ideas)
6.    Drop [Trump] (Has an idea, get’s in position)
7.    Drop – Larry BREAKS IN before next
•    Mark time, Larry at front
1.    Larry Bin (start of set music) continues straight accross face of stage, not circle, upright posture everyone copies after dropping rubbish.
2.    Bin
3.    Bin
4.    Bin [Snare hit]
5.    Bin
6.    Bin
7.    Bin
•    1Turn, 2turn, 3turn, 4turn, 5turn, 6turn, 7turn, turn, turn – Ta ta ta taa!
            daa       da-daaa    da-daaa      da-daaa    da-daaa  -      A, B, C, D

Bow: After music finishes, all take a staggered bow - like a wave.
Loop: As walk off sage, hurry off but do one more complete loop, following the leader, off stage, last one grabbing the bin on the way.

Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church -  September 16, 2023 

Castle Hill Pathfinder Investiture - November 25, 2023

Greater Sydney Pathfinder Rally Day November 25, 2023



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