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Feb 12, 2005

RECORD News Articles

From 2005-2007 Scott Wegener contributed weekly to the Seventh-day Adventist church's South Pacific Division's weekly RECORD news magazine. Mainly working on the "Flashpoint" section, made up of snappy news stories a mere couple of paragraphs long, Scott collated and edited Christian related news stories that were usually either inspiring or through provoking (or perhaps downright ridiculous).
There's perhaps little point to republishing the hundreds of articles he completed again on site, but instead, here's perhaps his all time favourite he pieced together.

See how many puns and product references you can find in this fun article about Sanitarium that appeared in the February 12, 2005 issue of RECORD:

What do you get if you
combine a dragon boat, water
plus a team of Sanitarium
workers? Weet-Bix Warriors,
a team recipe so good it has
now produced its third
consecutive dragon-boat race
win. Organised by the West
Lake Macquarie Support
Group, the fundraising event,
on Lake Macquarie, NSW,
raised $A6000 to help keep
the Westpac rescue helicopter
up and going. Out of the
spread of competitors the
Wyee Rural Fire Service tried
to mar mighty Weet-Bix
Warriors serial wins, but the
Sanitarium team’s 20
paddlers, drummer and
helmsman’s good start helped
them claim a narrow victory.—


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