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Mar 5, 2005

Record RECORD Offering

I wrote most of this as a place holder for an appeal article for people to give generously to an offering to help fun the magazine, called RECORD. Most of it was left in! 
Next week is a RECORD Offering. No, we don’t mean record as in those black round things we heard some elderly lady talk about that played music. She said that they needed needles to play—sounds dangerous to us. No wonder they have been phased out. We don’t mean record as in “A record has been achieved—the biggest offering ever given.” But that would be impressive, especially if a record offering were received for RECORD. That would make it a record RECORD Offering. We’d have to publish a clever headline to record the record RECORD Offering in the RECORD. (Now we’re sounding like a broken record, broken record, broken record . . .)

What we’re trying to say is that if you would be so kind as to give generously to this RECORD Offering (you should know which RECORD we mean by now), then it helps us deliver a variety of news, information, features and more. Where else would you turn when a sermon goes into double overtime on a hot Sabbath day? When you are out of newspaper and the budgie cage needs lining? When you’re out of flyspray and there’s a big blowfly buzzing around your window?

All right, seriously now, we appreciate our readers and want to be able to give the best quality magazine to inspire and inform, and to glorify God. We want to be able to do this for you each week from cover to cover. Thank you for your support.



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