Lucky RECORD: Match ’n’ win!

Your Individual Special Selection Numbers to check:
0237, 2981, 4103, 5633, 8772

RECORD, April 23, 2005
We are running a “Lucky RECORD” competition. Before we get to that, just have a think about this sce-
nario for a moment.
Imagine how you would feel if you had been chosen, at random, to receive any of the following three prizes:
1. A family round-the-world open plane ticket that never expires and can include nominated guests to join you, lifetime worldwide Disney theme park annual passes (complete with your own five-star apartment in their Castle), and free car, boat, plane, helicopter, motorbike and hovercraft hire. In addition you’ll receive a
credit card to use for spending money with a $150,000 yearly limit, that need not ever be paid back, no strings attached.
2. $100 million dollars, tax free, in the currency of your choice, no strings attached.
3. Both of the above.
How would you feel to know you had been awarded any of the above prizes?
Would you accept such a mammoth windfall? Would you be ultra-excited? Feel a sense of relief and freedom? Would you be keen to share with those around you?
I think I would answer yes to all.
Well, 99 per cent of you have figured out we aren’t going to be giving away any of the three options above in this “Lucky RECORD ” competition.
We assure you, however, that even though our prize is not of the same magnitude, you should still find
it appealing.
To win this competition, all you need to do is match one of your Individual Special Selection Numbers, generated at the top of this article, with the winning number we’ve selected and you win the prize on offer.
OK, ready to play? The winner of this competition will find number
5633 at the top of this article. I’ll wait while you have a look now to see if you have won.
Back? Right, if you are fortunate enough to have the number
5633 at the top of this article you have been selected to receive a free pass to heaven, to meet God, Creator of the universe and “Love” Himself, and of course live happily forever after, travelling the worlds of the universe with family, friends and angels.
If you have this winning number at the top of this article, all you need to do to claim your prize is accept that Jesus’ death saves you from your sins, of which you repent, reciprocate God’s true love for you, and begin to live as if you have already received the prize.
So are you as excited with this knowledge as if you had won the $100 million dollars or the round-the-world ticket?
Because, you know, the cash value of this prize is of a completely different magnitude than the $100 million we first talked about.
There is no piece of paper long enough to write the value of the prize. It’s priceless!
What were your answers to how you would feel if you had won the $100 million?
If you interchanged that prize with the prize (gift) of salvation, would your answers be the same?
Do you accept such a mammoth windfall? Are you ultra-excited? Feel a sense of relief and freedom? Are you keen to share with those around you?
Amazingly this prize is available and free to all who read the RECORD (yes, and those who don’t too, though they are really missing out on something stunning).
Possibly you’ve known you have won this prize for a long time, and are still patiently waiting to receive it. As time passes, the end prize for many seems to lose its appeal. You may even begin to doubt your eligibility or think you’ve misplaced your winning ticket while going about your everyday life.
Though not to be used as our sole focus, don’t lose sight of the awesome reward that awaits us. Use it as inspiration every now and then. Remember, the longer and harder your life on earth, the better the final prize
will seem when you arrive—greater than anything you can possibly imagine!
Remember, entry is open to anyone who desires the prize and judging* will be based purely on your heart's aceptance of Christ. The prize is limited only to the number of people who apply. Employees and friends of those in God’s service may also apply. Entries will close when you least expect it!

*The Judge’s decision will be final. Correspondence will be entered into with full explanations given during the first 1000 years.


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