Jonah's Prayer [script]

A skit showcasing Jonah's prayer in his time in the belly of the big fish

[Underwater, bubbly speaking - in the sea]
- Lord Save me! Help!
- I'm caught in sea weed, get me out, I’m finished.
- I’m sorry Lord!

[Cave echo ambience - in the mouth of the big fish]
- Cough, cough, cough!
- What’s happening? AAUUGGHH!

[Bubbly stomach ambience with occasional whale groans - in the stomach of the big fish]
- Where am I?
- Have I died?
- Is this a dream?
- There’s something fishy going on here.
- Oh PEW! Dreams don’t smell like this!
- I think I’m going to be sick! (is sick)
- I must have been swallowed by a giant fish or something.
- Ha Ha, a giant fish, I’m saved, I’m saved! Thank you Lord!
- Man, what a piece of work this is. This fish must be massive.
- The guys would love to catch this fella!
- They’ll never believe this at home. “I was swallowed by a fish, this big”
- How am I going to get home?
- [Echo] “Hello! Hello, hello, hello.
- [Echo] Can anyone here me, me, me, me, me”
- Don’t be stupid, like anyone can hear me down here.
- Man this fish definitely needs some tic tac’s or something cause this stomach stinks!
- Why am I so itchy.
- Stomach acid! That’s not going to be good for my completion.
- I’m so hungry but I really don’t feel like eating anything.
- Isn’t there anything else other then half digested squids to eat.
- Look at them all!
- Disgusting slimy smelly things.
- I wonder what time it is now. Feels like I’ve been in here for weeks.
- Hey I have my watch! Dur, a sun dial’s not going to work in here.
- What a mess I got into. I should have just gone straight to Nineveh like God told me.
- I’m so stupid. Who goes the opposite direction then what the Lord says. Like I would have been able to run away. But Nineveh, he could have picked anywhere but Nineveh.
- Oh, on second thoughts, anywhere but here.
- I’m so sorry lord. Please forgive me. You heard my prayers of desperation, as I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I had almost drowned, especially when I got tangled up in that seaweed. Lord I want to recommit my services to you. I praise your name and wish to serve you in any way I can. Lord, you are my salvation. The only way salvation can be attained. Forgive me. You are everything and all I want to do is please you.
- I’m ready to serve lord, I’m ready for Nineveh lord. I’m ready for Nineveh. I’m ready lord.

[God Speaks]
Jonah, thank you for decideing to help my people, I shall let you go free, and will reward you for your service
Fishy, this is the Lord God, I command you to release my servant, Thank you for your service.

[Big fish]
- grooowwwwwwwwwwn

- Thank you Lord!
- Errr. I’ve got a bad feeling about this!
- Here we gooooooooooo! AAUUGGHH!!!!


Performances: Victoria Mini-Camporee, 2005, Ferntree Gully Church 2005, Adventist Media Centre 2007


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