My cubbyhouse in heaven

"Like cubbyhouses as a kid? Imagine what kind of cubbies could be in heaven!"
 RECORD, October 22, 2005

Cubbyhouses are fun. Not only playing in them but building them too. Do you have, or have you ever
had, a cubbyhouse? I’ve always wanted a treehouse but only ever had one on the ground.

It was squashy inside but I still had a lot of fun building and playing in it. My favourite feature was a tin hanging out near the door you hit with a stick to use as a doorbell. But that was about as fancy as it got.
I think heaven is going to be the best place to build cubbyhouses.
My cubby in heaven will have many different levels. Ladders, stairways, and maybe even elevators to take you up to each level. There will be a big lookout area right at the top to look over all of heaven.
And of course what goes up must come down, so I’ll also have spiral slides, fireman’s poles and flying foxes to get down.
I’ve always wanted secret passages to hidden rooms in my house, secret trapdoors and tunnels between rooms. So I must have these in my cubby, for sure.
There will be many different rooms, actually. Rooms for just games, playing and running around, rooms for relaxing, a room filled with rubber balls and another filled with trampolines. Music rooms, rooms filled with mazes, meal rooms—a room for every occasion.
This cubby will be big enough to play an awesome game of hide-and-seek, chasey through the levels and a fantastic place for treasure hunts too.
There will have to be swings on my cubby. Really big swings. Some might go over water so you can jump off and land with a splash in a clear, warm lake. Other swings will be like a row of Tarzan ropes you can swing from one to the next.
I think one of the best features of my cubby will be a big waterfall system inside and outside. There will be waterwheels, rotating parts, spinning parts, swivelling parts, fountains and even musical sections.
There will be channels and pipes going everywhere. There will be levers that can be switched to make water flow down all sorts of different courses. We can have races along the channels with little boats.
Hey, maybe I’ll have some big channels too that you can sit in little boats and float around the cubby, just like log rides at theme parks. That will be the most fun way to go from one room to another.
Pet animals are something I will have too, living all around and in the cubby.
Maybe little bunny rabbits, puppies, a tiger cub and an elephant (well—maybe not an elephant, actually), but parrots and eagles, baby chickens.
This cubbyhouse could be in a tree, it could be on wheels so I can move it from one place to another every few days or years. Maybe it could have a motor so I could drive it.
I’ll have to have special hatches on the side of the cubby so that I can join up my cubby with my friends’ cubbies, just like the space shuttle joins up with the International Space Station. Then we will have one huge cubby complex to play in.
Of course when I finish my cubby, I’ll invite all my family over to visit, not only the family I have now, but my great-great-great-grandparents too. I’ll have lots of friends visiting from school and church.
And you know what? I will see if Jesus wants to come over to visit someday.
So you think this sounds like one of the best cubbies ever? It might sound like a pretty good cubby now, but all this would be boring compared to what we could really make in heaven. A lot of what I want in my cubby, and just talked about, may not actually be in my heavenly, super-duper cubbyhouse. But that’s only because God has something even better planned for us.
Good things we cannot even imagine.
God must really love us to build a place so great for us and invite us to live there, with Him, for free. But even more amazing was God sending down His Son, out of heaven, to die for us so we could go home to live with Him.
Heaven really is a place you don’t want to miss out on, even if it were just for the cubbies. But it’s also a place you don’t want your friends to miss out on.
So remember not only to always stay close to God in your life, but share how good God is with all your friends too. In heaven, there will be enough cubbies for everyone! (See John 14:1-3.)


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