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Apr 23, 2008

Know it? Do it!

Imagine a world that studied and lived by Jesus’ teachings.

CQ, April 23, 2008
Ps. 18:30

To have a positive effect on this world, Jesus’ teachings cannot merely be acknowledged and left to gather dust.They must be acted upon. So how can we act upon Jesus’ teachings to change ourselves, others, and the world for the better?

1. Study them. If you’re studying for an exam, reading the material only once isn’t a good idea. The more complex and the more important a subject is, the more you should read it. Jesus’ teachings are so important and beneficial that we should constantly study them to remember them, to learn what they mean, and to discover  new insights. While Jesus’ teachings can be understood by a child, His wisdom  also can be explored on a much deeper level by theologians. Ultimately, however,  it is by inviting the Holy Spirit to be with you during your study that will yield the  most amazing discoveries of truth.
2. Apply them. Though written long ago in such a different culture, Jesus’ teachings still apply to us today. Even so, try to modernize different teachings, especially  the parables, to see if that helps you grasp their meaning even  more. Change quantities and measurements  to modern amounts you can comprehend. Change worker  roles in parables to modern-day employment positions. Also, see if  you can fit yourself into each teaching and how it applies specifically to your life situation.
3. Live them. Having the teachings, knowledge, and theory in your head is one thing. However, most benefits only come by living what He taught. This is another challenge altogether. In everything you do, make sure it matches what Jesus taught. This isn’t only a recipe for a happy life. It also speaks a thousand Bible studies to those watching you who don’t yet believe.
4. Share them. To get the most out of Jesus’ teachings, we must share them.
This doesn’t mean telling people off for not doing what He taught. Share Jesus’ teachings with love. Always share His wisdom with others when opportunities arise.
Imagine a world that studied and lived by Jesus’ teachings. What an amazing world this would be! Until this earth is made new, not everyone will take hold of His teachings. But those who do will see a big difference in their lives and in the lives of the people with whom they share Jesus. It’s definitely worth the effort.


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