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Dec 2, 2010

Torturous Treasure

Fearless treasure hunter Scott Wegener tells why prickly bushes and spider-webs are nothing to be afraid of.
Signs of the Times, December 2010
Aussie Stories, 2011

My heart was thumping, my legs ached and my eyebrows were working overtime at keeping sweat from dripping into my eyes. The grot under my fingernails would have revealed the places I’d looked, should a CSI unit take a core sample.

The year was 1999 and I had collected some vague clues to the whereabouts of an artefact worth $A10,000, and I knew I was getting close to finding it. I felt a little like Indiana Jones, only I don’t remember his treasure hunts being around tennis courts and children’s playgrounds.

Jul 2, 2010

Hot States

When the Southern Hemisphere settles into winter, Scott Wegener is thankful, as he has a rather disagreeable relationship with summer.
Signs of the Times, July 2010.

Feeling cold? If so, count yourself blessed because right now, somewhere in the world, it’s too hot! Some of the most sweltering times of my life have been while holidaying in the USA.

I visited Florida in September once, which is kind of like walking into a laundry with a dryer going and no windows or doors open. I visited several theme parks and every day was over 30oC and 90+ per cent humidity. It was a case of walking from air conditioned shop to shop, shade patch to shade patch, then into an attraction’s queuing area to stand up close with 500 other sweaty people.

Jun 1, 2010

Technical Writing Examples

Amongst the wide array of writing styles I deliver, I also have a technical side that loves to simplify complex information. This style of writing is perhaps not as fun to read as the others, so I haven't been collecting examples to share. However, here are a couple of examples of my technical writing:
While teaching users of a website Content Management System (CMS) it became evident there was one particular aspect that confused many people. I developed a chart to help make the elements easy to understand.
I also developed manuals and training material for the CMS. Here's a download of a manual I wrote and kept up to date.

Apr 2, 2010

How I Became a Loser

Hope can drive you to collect the strangest things, as Scott Wegener discovers.
Signs of the Times, April 2010
Aussie Stories, 2011

I think I can safely say I’m one of Australia’s biggest losers. It took me a long time to proudly earn this title - and I did it without any weight fluctuations. Let me share how I became a loser, in case you want to follow my lead.

It all started in a shopping complex, before I was a teenager.  I was looking through a rubbish bin to pass the time with two of my cousins - who probably don’t want to be named at this point. We were bored and decided to look for winning scratch-off lottery tickets in the rubbish bin (did I mention we were bored?). After scrounging tens of tickets, we found a winner! Fortunately, at this time one cent coins were still in circulation in Australia, so I could faithfully pay out 66 cents to each cousin after cashing in the ticket.

Jan 2, 2010

Package Deal

Ordinary People, Generous God, 2010.

However, presented before me was a job opportunity that seemed to be God calling us to Sydney. There were several smaller hints that this opportunity was a prompting from God but one big nudge was the sign hanging on the house we had bought three-and-a-half years earlier. Our house name was the same as the suburb we were being called to--900 kilometres away. It was a "sign" sign!

As it became clear this was "meant to be," I didn't want to push my luck by staying safe and doing nothing. I know of one instance someone did that and they ended up somewhere dark and fishy for a few days.


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