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Apr 22, 2011

Destination Dizzyland

 Performances: Lower Primary - "Big Camp", Victoria April 2011
and Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 23, 2011

The brief given to Scott: A series of 5 short plays themed around a 'plane trip to heaven', including specifically: Why we want to leave, How we get a ticket, Who is the Pilot, The journey and the final destination.

ACT 1: The Dream

SCOTTIE:     Hey Alex, do you ever dream of going to Dizzyland?

ALEX:         No. I love the park. It has both a swing AND a seesaw!

SCOTTIE:     (Puzzled) A Swing . . . and a seesaw?

ALEX:         Yep, I love it. There is no way I’d miss a trip to the park for anything else.

SCOTTIE:     You would rather go to the park than go to Dizzyland?

ALEX:         That’s right!

SCOTTIE:     Do you even know what is at Dizzyland?

ALEX:         (satisfied) Nope.

SCOTTIE:     Well let me tell you. Dizzyland has slides, merry-go-rounds, tree houses, boat rides, flying foxes, roller coasters, Tarzan swings, mazes and tunnels, cars you can drive and steer . . . and it even has a one of those fountains you can jump in. It has everything.

ALEX:         I bet it doesn’t have swings though!

SCOTTIE:     Oh yes it does! The biggest, highest, fastest swings you’ve ever seen.

ALEX:         But want about seesaws, my park has TWO seesaws!

SCOTTIE:     Dizzyland has 100’s of seesaws!

ALEX:     But do they go up AND down? The park I like has seesaws that not only go up but go down too!

SCOTTIE:     The seesaws at Dizzyland go up & down and round and round and up-side-down.

ALEX:     (Surprised) Oh! But my park has a shop right next to it you can buy ice cream at. That’s something other parks don’t have. I bet you can’t buy ice creams next to Dizzyland!

SCOTTIE:     That is true.

ALEX:         Augh Ha, see!

SCOTTIE:     No no, it’s true you can’t buy ice creams outside Dizzyland . . . that’s because you can get them FREE, inside Dizzyland.

ALEX:         Really?

SCOTTIE:     Yep, as many icecreams as you want, in what ever flavour you want.

ALEX:     No way! Any flavour?

SCOTTIE:     Yep

ALEX:     What about double chock chip

SCOTTIE:     Yep

ALEX:     What about strawberry caramel

SCOTTIE:     Yep

ALEX:     What about watermelon flavour

SCOTTIE:     Yep

ALEX:     Donut flavour

SCOTTIE:     Yep

ALEX:     French fries flavour?

SCOTTIE:     Yep that too!

ALEX:     Ok, what about beetroot, coconut, lemon, onion, cheese, baked bean flavor?

 SCOTTIE:     Yep, with two cherries on top!

ALEX:         This place sound’s amazing!!! Let’s go now!

SCOTTIE:     Oh, we can’t go now, we have to go to school..

(‘walk’ off)

ALEX:     Oh man. I can’t wait until the school holidays! Donut flavour icecreams . . .

ACT 2: The Ticket

ALEX:         (excited) Scottie! The school holidays are here.

SCOTTIE:     Awesome!

ALEX:         Now, about that place you were talking about the other day…

SCOTTIE:     What place?

ALEX:     The one with the swings and seesaws, slides, merry-go-rounds, tree houses, boat rides, flying foxes, roller coasters, Tarzan swings, mazes and tunnels, cars you can drive and steer, and all the ice creams you can eat for free. . .

SCOTTIE:     (Cuts Alex off) Oh, Dizzyland!

ALEX:         Yeah! The other day you said we couldn’t go because we had to go to school.

SCOTTIE:     Yeah, that was a shame.

ALEX:         Well,  (bursting with excitement) school’s finished! Now we can go!

SCOTTIE:     Oh yeah, you’re right!. . .   Oh . . . wait. We need plane tickets to go to Dizzyland and that is very expensive.

ALEX:         (well-meaning) No problem! I have my piggy bank here.

SCOTTIE:     (amused) Oh yeah, how much do you have in your piggy bank.

ALEX:         37 cents.

SCOTTIE:     Alex, it costs thousands of dollars to get a plane ticket to go to Dizzyland.

ALEX:         (Glum) Oh. I guess we’ll never get there.

SCOTTIE:     (Glum) Yeah . . . (excited) UNLESS!!

ALEX:         Unless what?

SCOTTIE:     Well, James says he has tickets, we could ask if he would give them to us.

ALEX:     Why would James give his tickets to us? We never let James play with us at lunch time.

SCOTTIE:     Yeah, but we have no other options. (Walks over to James) Hi James.

JAMES:     Hi guys, what’s up?

SCOTTIE:     (Shyly) Say, you’ve got tickets to Dizzyland?

JAMES:     Yeah, two actually. They were a gift from my Dad.

SCOTTIE:     (Disappointed) Oh.

JAMES:     Why what’s up?

SCOTTIE:     Well, Alex and I were really wanting to go, but can’t pay to get tickets. We were hoping you might have some spare tickets, but you only have one spare.

JAMES:     Well, I could give you both tickets.

ALEX:         BOTH tickets? But then you couldn’t go!

JAMES:     Yeah, true, but if it’s the only way you can get there. Maybe my Dad can find a way for me to get there.

SCOTTIE:     Really, you’d give us your tickets, for free?

ALEX:         I can pay you something, I have 37 cents.

JAMES:     (laughs) No, don’t worry about it. The tickets are all yours! Go, have a great time there!

ALEX:         OH THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH James.  We’ll always let you play with us in future.

JAMES:     I’d really like that. Thanks!

ALEX:         Let’s go pack, Scottie.

SCOTTIE:     Yeah!

ACT 3: The Pilot

SCOTTIE:     There’s the plane, Alex!

ALEX:         (un-excited) Oh . . . yep.

SCOTTIE:     What’s wrong?

ALEX:         I just remembered, I don’t like flying.

SCOTTIE:     You don’t like flying?

ALEX:         Yeah, it scares me.

SCOTTIE:     What are you frightened of?

ALEX:         Well, crashing, of course. How do we know the pilot knows how to take off AND land!
I fly paper aeroplanes all the time and they always crash!

PILOT:         (cheerful) Hello, boys.

BOTH S & A:     (paying attention) Hello, sir.

PILOT:         I’m your pilot, where are you flying today?

SCOTTIE:     We’re off to Dizzyland.

PILOT:         Dizzyland hey, that’s a wonderful place.

SCOTTIE:     You’ve been there?

PILOT:         For sure. Many times actually. You’ll have a fantastic time there.

ALEX:         (gloomy) If we get there.

PILOT:         What do you mean?

SCOTTIE:     Oh, don’t worry about Alex; he’s just a bit scared of flying.

PILOT:     Oh, don’t be afraid, Alex, I have been flying since before you were born. I even have a co-pilot and other air staff to help me during the trip. You just leave the flying to me and you’ll be safe. You have nothing to worry about.

ALEX:         (convinced) OK, you do sound quite good at it.

PILOT:     Just relax. You have nothing to worry about.  Go find your seats and buckle in, we’ll be taking off soon.
(start leaving)

ALEX:         SEAT BELTS! If it’s so safe why do we need seatbelts??!!

SCOTTIE:     Don’t worry Alex, the seat belts are just to make sure you don’t eat too much.

ALEX:         What??!! We get food on the plane?

SCOTTIE:     I guess that’s what you call it.

ALEX:         Awesome!

ACT 4: The Trip

ALEX:         Well, takeoff was not too scary, but now what? We just sit here?

SCOTTIE:     Well, it’s going to be a long flight. Sitting is better than standing.

ALEX:     I don’t know if this will all be worth it. I mean right now I could be at my park on the swing. Instead I’m stuck here, with no swings or seesaws in sight.

SCOTTIE:     We’ll just have to be patient. Why don’t you meet the person sitting next to you, see were they’re going?

ALEX:         I guess it’s something to do. (Turns to passenger) Hi there.

PASSENGER:     (Glum) Hello.

ALEX:         Where are you going?

PASSENGER:     Oh, I don’t know.

ALEX:         You don’t know? How can you not know?

PASSENGER:     Well, I’m looking for somewhere fun, but I haven’t been able to find anywhere I like yet.

ALEX:         Have you heard of Dizzyland?

PASSENGER:     No, I haven’t.

ALEX:     (excited) WELL! Apparently it Has swings and seesaws, slides, merry-go-rounds, tree houses, boat rides, flying foxes, roller coasters, Tarzan swings, mazes and tunnels, cars you can drive and steer . . . and it even has free donut ice creams.

PASSENGER:     That sound’s too good to be true!

ALEX:         I know, but it’s real, and we’re going there now.

PASSENGER:     Well, can I come?

ALEX:         Sure!

PASSENGER:     How do I get there?

ALEX:     Just follow us! (turns to Scottie) Hey Scottie, that person may never have found out about Dizzyland if we didn’t tell them.

SCOTTIE:     I know, do you think we should tell everyone on the plane about it?

ALEX:     I think so. It would be such a shame if people never went to Dizzyland simply because they didn’t know about it!
(Exits, and calls out)
Excuse me miss, have you ever heard about Dizzyland? . . .

ACT 5: The Arrival

(Scottie and Alex are appearing and disappearing, up and down, as if on trampolines)

ALEX:         (Super excited) Can you believe this place!

SCOTTIE:     I know, how much fun is it?!

ALEX:         It’s awesome!

SCOTTIE:     Let’s try these swings!

BOTH S & A:     (start going backwards and forwards as if on swings) Wheeee!

ALEX:         There is so much to do here!

SCOTTIE:     Hey, there’s that guy we met on the plane!

PASSENGER:     (Going around in circles as if on a merry go round) Hi boys, thanks for telling me about this place! It’s the best and I would never have known about it if it wasn’t for you!

BOTH S & A:     No problems!

ALEX:         And there’s the Pilot!!

PILOT:         (Walking up casually) Hello Scottie and Alex. Are you having as much fun as me?

ALEX:         (Swinging stops) We sure are!  Let’s go in the roller coaster together!

PILOT:         OK

(All three disappear for a moment, then appear briefly, 1 ,2 ,3 like a roller coaster train slowly going over the hump first hill the racing off)

ALEX:         Here we go . . . .

(All three appear once more time, lower down, 1, 2, 3 over another hump)

Everyone:     WHEEE!


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