Eve Remembers

Performance: Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 23, 2011
The brief given to Scott: A short play about how the world came into sin.

ABEL: Are you ok Mummy?  Why are you crying?

EVE: I’m ok, Abel. [Sniffs and swallows] I was just thinking about when we used to live in the Garden of Eden. Life was so much easier than now. I didn’t have to make all these clothes.
Your dad and I could be together all day, but now he has to go out and work all the time.

CAIN: Tell us what it was like in the garden, Mum.

EVE: Oh it was beautiful, the flowers were so much brighter, the ground softer, and the animals were all friendly.

ABEL: All of them? Even the mosquitoes?

EVE: Yes, Cain! They used to suck sap out of grass back then. As did the leeches.

ABEL: Leaches, yuck, they’re disgusting!

EVE: Well, they didn’t used to be! But you know what I miss most?

Boys together: What?

EVE: Spending time with God. We used to be able to walk with him in the garden on Friday nights.  He is so wonderful. I miss seeing him so much.

CAIN: Why doesn’t He come any more? Doesn’t he love us now that you took the fruit?

EVE: Oh no, God still loves us. We broke the rules and so have to deal with the consequences now. We can still talk to Him. He said that if we pray He will listen, but he can no longer speak with us face to face.

CAIN: Why did you take the fruit mummy?

ABEL: [loud whisper] Cain! Shut up!

CAIN: What?!

EVE: It’s ok. Mummy just had a weak moment. I was tempted by a serpent and . . .

SERPENT: [speaks slowly and deviously] Somebody using my name? Oh, we meet again! [low laugh: “Hm Hm Hm Hmm”]

EVE: Don’t take any notice of him boys, he’s nothing but trouble.

SERPENT: Me?? Why, I believe YOU are the one who is trouble. YOU took the fruit, YOU did this to the world. It’s all YOUR fault.

EVE: No it wasn’t. YOU’RE the one who said I could safely eat the fruit.

SERPENT: Oh, no! All I did was say you wouldn’t die. And look, you haven’t died! [mutters: “yet, hm hm hm hmm.]

EVE: Well I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, err wings, err whatever you’ve got left!

SERPENT: Baahh, God’s an old softy. He won’t hurt me. You know, if He had the courage to come to this world as a human, I’m sure I could get him to eat the fruit also. In fact, I reckon I could get him to eat plain old bread.

EVE: He’ll be back, you just wait. He’ll make things right again.

SERPENT: Well, gotta slide. Nice to meet you boys, I’ll be watching your careers with interest.

CAIN: Bye!

EVE: Cain! I said ignore the serpent.

CAIN: Yes, mum.

EVE: Let’s go home boys and start the fire. Your dad should be back soon.


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