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Dec 1, 2012

Breaking News: Probation Closed!

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - December 1, 2012
The brief given to Scott: A short play about hope in Jesus

If you have multiple live cameras running on the day and showing on the screen, have one pointing at the news desk and another at each ‘location’ that is crossed to – so the big screen shows the news program as if on TV. Have the actors speak into the cameras also.

Two are seated at a news desk (or one, if you haven’t the actors) and the other actors appear elsewhere for their live crosses, then leave.


(Some ‘newsy’ intro music is played as the lively news readers begin to talk.)

[Desk 1] Welcome to Universe Network News.(UNN)
[Desk 2] Coming up in today’s bulletin: Andromeda galaxy begins roll out of a galaxy wide broadband network.
[Desk  1] Horse-head nebular government to fund construction of rest of horses body
[Desk 2] and Pleiades wins the rights to host the 14 billionth universe Olympics


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