“Believe it or not” [game show Christmas skit]

Announcer: Good evening and welcome to “Believe It or Not” the game show where contestants try to outdo one another with strange and hard-to-believe facts.
Tonight is our grand final and season finale of the show. And I’d like to introduce our two finalists, Calvin and Steve.
Calvin, how was your week? Any last minute study?

Calvin: Fine, just spent it relaxing, reading Wikipedia from A through Z.

Announce: We’ll you should be ready to go, and Steve how bout you, any lat minute study?

Steve: Not really, other than watching 6 Jeopardy re-runs,

Announcer: Just 6 shows?

Steve: 6 seasons, actually

Announcer: well this should be a cracker of a game. You know the rules by now, you simply have to write down and share a fact that is more amazing that the previous contestant’s fact.
If a player can not produce a more amazing fact, the other player is the winner.
So let’s get started - Start writing fellas!

(Pretend to start writing facts.)

Let me remind our viewers of the wonderful major prize this season, An all expenses paid, including flights transfers and accommodations, with $5000 spending money to the international algebra convention, in Albuquerque USA.

Ok time is up, lets start with Steve, Can we have your first amazing fact?

Steve Fact 1: If you counted 24 hours a day, to reach the number 1 trillion it would take over 30 . . . thousand years!

Calvin Fact 1: Some 2 million red blood cells are created in your body - per second.

Steve Fact 2: A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years!

Calvin Fact 2: Tim Whale once had short hair, like mine

Steve Fact 3: Pr Bruce once had a full head of hair!

Announce: Great Fact Steve, I don’t know that we can get any more incredible than that. Do you have another more amazing fact ,Calvin?

(Still thinking, a little hesitant)

Announce: Five seconds. Do you have anything?

Calvin Fact 3: About two thousand years ago, a woman who was a virgin had a baby in a stable. This baby was God’s son who came down to earth to show His love for each one of us. He later was crucified and came back to life, so that if we believe in him we too can have everlasting life!

(Contestant Three and Announcer stand there not knowing what to say. )

Announce: (To Contestant 3) Well. . . . Steve . . . Do you have anything more bizarre than that?

Announcer: Well, folks you heard it right here. That’s right…A virgin birth, a baby in a stable, God’s son, came back from the dead, and you can have eternal life…
It’s up to you to “Believe It, or Not!”


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