ChickEgg [puppet play about creation]

Performances: Kindergarten - "Big Camp", Victoria April 2013
Castle Hill seventh-day Adventist Church, February 29, 2020

Bernie: sensible, inquisitive
Wallace: frivolous, know it all.
Farmer Dave: kind, intelligent, God loving.

[crow flies in and lands, sits, gives two squawks, then preens it's self through the play.
A Chicken also appears (and pecks for food the entire time) followed soon by Bernie and Wallace.]

Bernie: Hey Wallace,

Wallace: Yes Bernie

Bernie: Where do Chickens come from?

Wallace: Umm, they come from eggs, Bernie

Bernie: I know that, but where do the eggs come from?

Wallace: Umm they come from Chickens.

Bernie: But where did that chicken come from?

How to be Creative

I am often asked where my creativity comes from or for advice on how to be creative.

You can find my views, on how I believe ANYONE can be creative, in either:
- A chapter titled "Creatively Changing Light Bulbs - Creativity and Problem Solving" in the book Manifest: Our Call to Faithful Creativity , which was launched at the Manifest Creative Arts Festival.
- A workshop in the General Conference's Accent Magazine. (download the creativity issue here or view below)


Practicing Creativity / Creativity and Problem Solving

Got creativity?

How many creatives does it take to change a light bulb? (The answer a little later on.) Everyone is creative. God made us that way. Believing you have little creative ability probably comes either from a misunderstanding of what creativity is, or not realising there’s methodical steps that can lead to creative results.  Some are so effortlessly creative it’s hard to comprehend how they arrive at such an outside the square result. However, these ‘creative geniuses’ are usually following, often subconsciously, the steps we’ll soon look at. This means anyone can potentially reach such radical creativity if they just knew how.  

The Complete Disciple

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 2, 2013
The brief given to Scott: A short play introducing the month's theme "The Complete Disciple" 

Cast - Jesus, Eager Disciple 1, Scholarly Disciple 2

Scene - Jesus sits on a chair (or stage rise) facing audience.
Disciples sit on floor facing Jesus, backs to audience.

Jesus: I am the vine. . .

[Disciple 1 jumps up and walks to the audience and begins to preach]
[ Jesus looks miffed briefly and then starts miming to the remaining disciple]

Disciple 1:  Jesus is the vine. He is . . . thin and has brown flaky skin. 
Jesus . . . grows grapes that we can . . . make wine to sell to our neighbours.
He . . . is the vine of . . . knowledge of . . .  god and evil??

Of Mice and Men

Scott Wegener on why one should hop at the opportunity to
be an ester bunny.

If you ever get the opportunity to wear an Easter bunny suit, hop at the opportunity!
Yes, you may sweat like a colander draining pasta, but it’s a small price to pay for the experience.
I was chosen to be Mr Bunny for an afternoon at my workplace. My brief seemed simple: wear a large bunny suit and hand out a basket full of Easter eggs to the employees at morning tea. However, once I had zipped into the furry white suit I quickly discovered I was experiencing a mischief maker’s dream – anonymity.


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