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Mar 30, 2013


Performance: Kindergarten - "Big Camp", Victoria April 2013
The brief given to Scott: A short puppet script for 2 or 3 situated down on the farm with a farmer is speaking to two animal puppets about the creation around them and all God has create.

Bernie: sensible, inquisitive animal
Wallace: frivolous, know it all.
Farmer Dave: kind, intelligent, God loving.

Bernie: Hey Wallace,

Wallace: Yes Bernie

Bernie: Where do Chickens come from?

Wallace: Umm, they come from eggs, Bernie

Bernie: I know that, but where do the eggs come from?

Wallace: Umm they come from Chickens.

Bernie: But where did that chicken come from?

Wallace: An egg?

Bernie: Yeah, but before that egg

Wallace: A chicken,

Bernie: I know that, but what about before that chicken

Wallace: An egg. That’s how it goes, Chicken lays an egg, hatches a chicken, who lays an egg, chicken, egg, chicken, egg, chicken egg, chicken egg, chicken egg chick . . .

Bernie: I get it! But what came very first? Was it a chicken?

Wallace: No a chicken came from an egg.

Bernie: So an egg came first

Wallace: No the egg came from a chicken

Bernie: Oh STOP IT! What was the very, very, very, very, very first thing, a chicken or an egg?

Wallace: Dunno, maybe they always eggsisted, ha, ha, EGGsisted, get it, EGG - sisted!

Bernie: Yes, I get it. Oh maybe Farmer Dave knows. Farmer Dave!!

Farmer: Hi what’s up guys?

Bernie: We’ll we were wondering, where do chickens come from?

Farmer: Well, as I recall they come from eggs

Wallace: Told you!

Bernie: No, no, no, I mean what came very very, VERY first! The chick or the egg.

Farmer: Well let me see. I think it would have been a chicken.

Wallace: Told you!

Bernie: Ok, but where did that chicken come from?

Wallace: An egg,

Farmer: No actually, the very, very, VERY first chicken didn’t come from an egg?

Wallace: It didn’t?

Farmer: No

Wallace: Did it come from a pet shop?

Farmer: No, Wallace, God made it

Bernie: God made it?

Farmer: Yes, God mad everything.

Bernie: God made EVERYTHING!!???

Farmer: Yes he did.

Bernie: Did he make Cows too?

Farmer: Yep

Wallace: And piggys?

Farmer: Yep

Bernie: And frogs and dogs?

Farmer: Yes

Wallace: And birds and kangaroos and zebras and lions and bees and whales?

Farmer: All of those, yes.

Bernie: What about . . . flowers, and grass?

Farmer: Yes, those too!

Wallace: Ok, what about the sun and moon?

Farmer: He did.

Bernie: Wow. God made everything!

Wallace: Hang on, hang on, what about that fence over there. He didn’t make that I saw You making that Farmer Dave.

Farmer: Well, I did put it together

Wallace: I See! So God didn’t make everything!!?

Farmer: No well just a minute, what is the fence made out of?

Wallace: Umm, wood?

Farmer: That’s right, and where did wood come from?

Wallace: Trees?

Farmer: That’s right, and who made the trees?

Wallace: God??

Farmer: Yes. God created everything during the first 6 days of earth. It’s what we call creation.

Wallace: What about your tractor, did God make that? Cause if he did he didn’t do a very good job, it keeps breaking down!

Farmer: It does, doesn’t it. Well a tractor was put together by people, but they used things found on the world, like metal, to make the tractor. And it was God who made the metal and everything else.

Bernie: Wow, so God really did make everything on the world!

Farmer: Yes he did. In only six days.

Bernie: Six days,

Farmer: Yes indeed

Bernie: The whole world?

Farmer: That’s right

Wallace: Wow, it took you 6 months to finish just that fence!

Farmer: That is true, I could have done it quicker if someone didn’t’ keep taking my hammer

Wallace: Oh, yeah, sorry about that, we were just practicing for the Olympics?

Farmer: What do you need a hammer for in the Olympics?

Wallace: The Hammer throw!

Farmer: I see.

Bernie: Well thanks for your help farmer Dave.

Farmer: No problems guys, see you later

Bernie: It’s nice to finally know where chickens came from.

Wallace: What about ducks

Bernie: What about ducks?

[start to leave]

Wallace: Where do they come from? Was it an egg, or a duck, that came from an egg that came forma duck that come form and egg . . .

Bernie: Oh boy.


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