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Apr 20, 2013

Apr 6, 2013

Jesus Juice

Performances: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 6, 2013
Edinburgh College Chapel - March 3, 2015
Edinburgh College Arts Evening - November 10, 2015
The brief given to Scott: A short play on witnessing, sharing Jesus with those around us

[Person walks in (“Juice”) with a bottle full of juice. Another (“Empty 1”) walks towards them with an empty bottle. Juice quickly hides his full bottle as not to draw attention that he has juice and they don’t. ]

Empty 1: Hi

Juice: Hi

Empty1: Doing anything on the weekend?

Juice: [hesitant to share they go to church] Umm, Not really.

Empty: Me neither, maybe we can go to the footy on Saturday.

Juice: [hesitant to share they go to church on Sabbath] oh, err, mmmm.


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