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May 4, 2013

Connection Lost...

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 4, 2013
Brief: A short play that focuses on relationships, in a family setting.

On screen  “Sometime, in the not too distant future. . .”

Teenager sits and plays with iPhone

Father enters room, sits and opens laptop and starts to work.

Mother comes out side door with apron and oven mitts on, calls out   “Dinner’s nearly ready”

Father and teenager don’t respond, mother goes back in room – a small cooker out back has heated up something to waft cooking smells to audience. 

Mother comes out soon after with her dish and announces “Dinner’s in the kitchen” and exits other door.
No response. 

Mother comes back in (without dinner dish) soon after, - “Dinner’s ready”

Father ‘grunts’

Mother picks up iPad and starts to type.

On screen (chat messages)
Mum: Dinner’s in the kitchen
Kid: TY mum
Dad: thx luv

Father and kid  leave their technology on their chair and go out to kitchen,

Mum goes out side door.

Father and kid walk past with their dishes, grab their technology and go into the room the mum went into.

On-screen chat – with ‘blip’ sounds as they appear:
Mum: How’s your day
Kid: ok
Dad: busy. u?
Mum: good
Dad: Gr8
Kid: needs salt
Dad: mmmm
Mum: BRB

Mother walks across stage, gets salt from 'kitchen' and returns again

Dad: thx

Screen message: “Connection lost . . . . . . . . .”


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