Got love?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 1, 2013
Castle Hill
Seventh-day Adventist Church - January 14, 2017

Brief: "If you can't see Jesus in the teaching you've got it wrong. You need to get the core right so you can get the message right. It's about connecting the head (dry doctrine) and the heart (passion for the one who created doctrines)" The short play illustrates such a concept.

Cast: Mother, Teenage (or older) son, and equivalent aged girl.

[Mother and son walk across the stage, entering a shopping mall (the screen has a "Bestfield Shopping centre" sign displayed)

Mother: Bruno, you need to settle down, find a wife. You can't live at home forever you know! I've got to do some shopping. Go find yourself a girl while I'm gone.

Bruno: Yes, mother.

[Mother leaves, Bruno spots a girl that enters and sits down and begins to read.] 

Bruno: [curious but confident] Excuse me, will you marry me?

Girl: Umm, no??

Bruno: [shocked] Oh!??

Turns and slowly walks away

Bruno: [miffed, as if the girl was rude and out of her mind] Ok??

[Bruno pulls out a smart phone and starts to mutter]

Bruno: [said slowly as if typing it in as he speaks] Top 5 things women want before being proposed to.
[waits a few seconds]
Bruno: Oh, I seeee!
[mutters the item name, looks around and retrieves it, gives it to the girl, then clinically onto the next item]
  1. Flowers - (takes from church arrangement)
  2. Chocolates - (gets from under pulpit)
  3. Quality time, “Rolex” ( gives his watch )
  4. Flattery. "Nice... [thinks for a second] . . . nose!"
  5. Ring - ( gets from audience member)

Bruno: Ok, NOW you’ll marry me?

Girl: [ miffed again, but with a smirk] No!!

Bruno: I don’t get it. I just gave you everything you want

Girl: Umm, no. You haven't given me any love!

Bruno: Love?"

[Goes back to check the list, mutters each item listed. Girl gets up.]  

Bruno: [looks at girl to check he heard correctly] Love?

Girl: Yes, love. You can give all these thing, [starts handing them back] but if you have not given in love, you've given nothing at all!"
[Girl Walks off, Bruno puts flowers back. Mother returns with many shopping bags.]
Mother: "Bruno, there you are. Carry these bags would you What have you  been up to?"
[Mother keeps walking and leaves.]  
Bruno: “Nothing mother”
[Bruno hurries to catch up and leaves too.]


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