It’s Jesus!

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 6, 2013
Brief: A short drama to complement a sermon on the topic of the Second Coming, focusing on the anticipation of seeing Jesus in the clouds.

This drama is intended to be serious and somewhat emotional (happy).

Que: Towards the end of the sermon the topic changes to  something like "we don't know specifically when Jesus will return, but we are told it will be soon" or "we always need to be ready, at every moment"  
Suddenly, the sermon is interrupted with [trumpet / thunder] sound effect in the main sound system, followed by some ambient ‘hallelujah chorus’ background music. lights go out (except spotlight/stage) and a ‘second coming’ sunset picture on screen]  
This the que for the speaker to stop mid sentence and stand back to watch on the side while the drama takes over unexpectedly (to the audience at least) with the following:

After the sounds a few people come out the sides and onto the stage, as if coming out of their house and onto the street. This includes:

Wheelchair: enters from side A in wheelchair

Carer: enters from side A pushing wheelchair

Father: enters from side B carrying an inside broom

Everyone milling around on the street together, looking puzzled.

Carer: Did you hear that?

Father: Yeah,  . . . could it be Jesus returning??

Sound effect: [Jesus] “It is finished. . . Arise my faithful servants, I am returning!” [Trumpet, BOOOMM!!! Earthquake RUMBLE fx from a separate speaker at the back of the church.]

Carer: Whoa, what was THAT?

Father: I . . .think . . . Jesus just woke up the dead!

Carer: Come on, lets go meet Jesus

[Climbs up to a top part of the stage and turns around to wheelchair]

Wheelchair: I can’t get up there, you go.
Carer: No no . . . It's Jesus, now you CAN . . . get up . . . It's JESUS . . . now you CAN!

[wheelchair person hesitant for a minute as gets up, but quickly realises there’s no pain or restrictions for first time and rejoices]

Wheelchair: I’m walking!!!

[catches up to carer on upper stage and hugs/celebrates and exits]

[Father is the only one left on stage looks around, as if happy but something's missing.
Toddler runs down the aisle towards the father and the father's face lights up]

Father: Ally! [drops broom and comes down one level to meet toddler]

[joyous reuniting, big embrace, picking them up]

Father: I missed you so much! 

Toddler: Where’s mummy?

Father: I don’t know, she died a few years after you did. Oh it’s so good to see you again.

[Mother walks up, spotted by toddler]

Toddler: Mummy!!

[big group hug for a moment, then toddler points up to screen]

Toddler: There’s Jesus!

Father: Yes! Let’s go and thank him.

[near the door they stop and turn around, and look at the audience]

Father: Are you coming too?

[Music crescendos to loud climax of Hallelujah chorus s they exit, then fades to a prayerful song - Preacher prays and the contemplative orchestral music continues with Nathan Green’s Second Coming image on screen as congregation exits/sits]


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