If Fish Could Wonder

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 17, 2013
Brief: A short drama to complement the theme “reasons to believe in God”

Cast: Two fish ‘cutouts’ (or puppets is an option) are puppeteered by two people dressed in black (or hidden behind a puppet certain). The puppeteers (or two narrators elsewhere) speak the dialogue.

- Video file (with sound)
Screen shows an underwater scene with a large pipeline on the ocean floor, bubbles floating in the picture and ‘underwater sounds’ playing

- Lighting
   1. All room lights are dimmed,
   2. A deep blue light on the side walls remains
        (this could be turned on OR the colour of the days worship)
   3. Spotlight on two fish that meet in the center of stage.

- Microphones
Two radio (handheld) mics the puppeteers will bring onto stage from the side rooms.

- Cameras/director notes
May only be second service
Fish enter from rooms on either side of stage and mingle in center stage the whole time until they leave the opposite door they came. A shot of the dvd playing may give good context to the recording.

...and ACTION!

[Video starts and lights activate and Fish swim into view from each side of the stage and meet and stay in center screen.]

Cameron: WOW . . . What an amazing sight this long skinny rock formation is.

Even: Yeah. It seems to go on forever.

Cameron: What’s that say [READS SLOWLY]  In-ter-net . . . .

Even: Sounds dangerous. Keep your distance from anything to do with ‘nets’.

Cameron: It’s such an amazing creation though.

Even: Yeah, amazing what millions of years can do, hey.

Cameron: Really? Millions of years? I don’t think so. Only intelligence could create such a precision piece of work.

Even: Are you serious? Scientists say this formation is millions of generations old. They’ve dated it by comparing how long other rocks take to smooth.

Cameron: Yeah? How did it get so symmetrical then?

Even: Scientists think the water washing sand over it for such a long time made it into the amazing shape we have today.

Cameron: Well, I have read eyewitness accounts from fish that saw it being placed here only a few thousand generation ago.

Even: Impossible, who could seriously put such a large rock formation here?

Cameron: They say some sort of huge object, the size of a small reef, floated over and placed it here. And it had many creature on it, like none other ever seen in the water. They were walking around on two legs, and they didn’t need to come underwater to breath!

Even: [Slowly] R-i-g-h-t... Bigger than a whale. From outside the water. Two legged creatures. Goodness me. Me thinks whoever "saw" all this had eaten too much red seaweed.

Cameron: Well, that’s what they say they saw. And it make sense too.

Even: Augh, that’s all crazy talk. Goes against all the scientific evidence they’ve found. If such creatures existed to put this here, why haven't we seen them?

Cameron: Well, there are other accounts of more recent encountered with such creatures. Neo said he saw some flying past way above the water surface.

Even: You guys will make anything up. Let me know when you see one of these creatures. I’ll believe it when I see it. [begins to swim off]  Give me scientific fact any day.


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