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Sep 1, 2013

The adventures of Grape Scott

As part of a social media campaign I was required to make up an amusing adventures of a character I named Grape Scott . . .

EXCITING NEWS! We’ve just heard, via carrier Penguin, that our Alcofree explorer, “Grape” Scott, is alive and well down in Antarctica! We’ve asked him to send us a report on what exciting new products he may have found for the Alcofree range - but wouldn’t you know it, the Penguin has an RDO. Stay tuned . . .

Grape Scott message received: Greetings from Antarctica! It’s great to hear the Alcofree online store is up and running! It’s inspired me to keep searching out more amazing beverages from around the world - though Antarctica may not have been the best place to start. I haven’t visited alcofree.com.au yet. I started to on my phone but the touch-screen doesn’t work with gloves, so I took one off and now my finger is frozen to where the letter “A” is. (On the bright side, I can get to the Alcoholics Anonymous website - not that that has ANY use with your range.) Must finish up - the carrier penguin gets cranky if the message is too long. OH&S rules or something. Will write again next week with my progress. Cheers! - Grape Scott.

Grape Scott report from Antarctica: “Haven't found any suitable products down here yet - unless Alcofree wants to stock ice in their store? Now THERE’s an idea! It’s gluten free, fat free, calorie free, with no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives, free range, 100% organic, contains no traces of nuts and, of course, is Alcohol free! Let me know how much you want.”

Grape Scott report from Antarctica: “I see you’ve added Alcofree ice to the web store, but are waiting for stock. I have it all here, packaged and ready to go but seems there's more paperwork than in a toilet paper factory to get a carrier penguin to transport ice to Australia. Will keep trying Cheers! - Grape Scott.” http://www.alcofree.com.au/products/non-alcoholic-antarctic-ice-cubes

Grape Scott - in Antarctica: “I’ve just heard Julia has called an election back in Australia! This may be old news as some of the carrier penguins seem to go on little fishing trips along the journey (guess they have to eat some time). All the best Julia. Don’t forget to order some Alcofree drinks for your celebrations - or you might look a little groggy for all the media interviews the next day. I bet Kevin wishes he was in your shoes! Think I’ve found some new Alcofree products here. WiIl write again soon.”

Grape Scott - in Antarctica: Forgive this late message. I've been stuck in my sleeping bag for a week (the zipper handle snapped while I was in the bag). I had to hop to the nearest penguins colony to get help, then learn their language to be able to communicate my need for them to unzip the sleeping bag from the outside. The good news is now that I could communicate with them I asked if there were ANY non alcoholic drinks on Antarctica I could try that might be suitable for the Alcofree.com.au store. They said yes! Just one. And we need to travel a few days to get access to one. I'll contact you as soon as I've tried it! This seems to be my last chance to find something here, but Sounds promising. Back soon.


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