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Sep 7, 2013

Best Humorous Item Silver

How to Understand the Truth
Scott Wegener
Signs of the Times, June 2012
2013 Australasian Religious Press Association Awards

Scott Wegener takes a trip to his barber and discovers how we can easily misunderstand what people actually mean. He gently and skillfully moves the first-person perspective to a discussion of theological misunderstandings. This piece has a great conversational tone and style that, through its humour, allows us to appreciate our differences while having a chuckle.

Well done.

Humour writing is a serious and difficult art. It’s a complex balancing act to write with both humour and insight. Some of the entries lacked in the basics - they didn't really generate a smile. The winning entries used humour to bring perspective to serious topics and expose some deep truths. That requires great skill.

The Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) awards celebrate excellence in writing; design and creativity; and publishing.

ARPA is an ecumenical Christian communication network for Australian and New Zealand publications and their editors, journalists, designers, contributors.

Founded in 1974, ARPA has a membership of 82 publications and 22 individuals as well as 64 staff members of the publications – 168 members in total. The Association has a Code of Ethics and also adopts the code of universal media freedoms.

Its aims are to develop members’ skills, knowledge and professionalism; to offer opportunities for networking, fellowship and information-sharing among members; and to recognise excellence through the presentation of annual awards.

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