Waiting for Jesus

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 7, 2013
Brief: a short play to suit the topic “We should be Jesus’ representatives while we wait for Him to return.”

A Twist: This drama will begin immediately after the opening song service, and play out between all of the features that run before the main sermon begins. A different act will ‘play’ between each feature (eg between the offering, announcements, prayer, etc) but the main character will remain reasonable still in his banana lounge during the features also. It is the other characters that only appear between the features to add to the story.
Depending on the day’s program of features as to the number and order of these acts.

1st service program:
Song 1…
Act 1
Act 2
Song 2…
Act 3
Act 4
Kids story…
Act 5
Song 3…
Act 6

[Act 1 The Sick]
Smug walks across stage with a Bible and reads out loud,
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
“Ha, I believe, I have eternal life! . . . Cool.”
[Closes Bible, goes and gets deck chair, and pack of chips and settles in, starts using his iPhone.]

Worry 2 comes with a bad limp and stands uncomfortably next to Smug - who smiles and says hi but then goes back to his phone (no seat offered) Worry 1 comes, greets, and gives a hug assisted walk off stage. Smug keeps iphoning. [end act]

[ Act 2 The Hungry]
Smug pulls out some chips and starts crunching/chewing loudly into microphone, as he watches Beggar walk across stage and go through a rubbish bin looking for, and finding, a little food, which they blissful eat. Smug has no reaction, but watches everything and keeps eating. [end act]

[Act 3 The Environment]
Smug finishes food, scrunches bag and throws rubbish on the ground, Worry 1 walks past with a small plant and puts it in the ground. On the way back worry 1 picks up the rubbish and puts it in the bin. Smug back to his phone. [end act]

[Act 4 The Poor (offering before or after this act)]
Beggar asks for some spare change from Smug who is looking at his iPhone, and says “no sorry”, when Beggar has gone he holds his phone up high trying to get reception and mutters “Man this is slow, time for another iPhone” and keeps iphoning
[end act]

[Act 5 The Cold]
Snug puts his jacket behind head as a pillow. Beggar comes out and is obviously cold. Smug watches them come and stand around. Smug pulls out jacket/pillow from behind his head, looking like he’s going to give it and mutters, “here we go”, and folds it more careful and puts it back as a pillow “that’s better”. Beggar says “sorry?” Smug says, “What? nothing.” Beggar walks off.. Smug gets out Bible and starts to read, but goes to sleep sometime before the next act begins.
[end act]

[Act 6 - The Lost]
Worry 1 and 2 walk up to near Smug, who is asleep with Bible in lap.
W1 See the news?
W2 yeah, scary stuff!
W1 there’s got to be more to life.
W2 if there is, doesn’t look like there’s much left of it!
[start to walk off]
W1 ever tried the Bible?
W2 Yeah, it’s just weird, I don’t get it,
Once they have exited, a second coming trumpet/thunder sound (from the side room), waking Smug, and he gets up “Finally” he says a little grumpy, packing up his stuff he exits towards the sound in the side room.
[End of Drama - Sermon begins]


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