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Oct 1, 2013

7 Days to Live

Performance: postponed
A short drama on the topic of having 7 days to live.
[Alex Extreme and Sharing Shane sit waiting nervously, a doctor walks in.]

Doc: I'm sorry, you both only have 7 days to live.

Both: WHAT!!?? Oh no...

Doc: You'll both be fine up until you die, no pain, no limits - so my advice - go and live up your last days!!

[Doctor leaves]

[Shane leaves fairly quickly without saying anything, high spirits but a sense of urgency. ]

[Alex lags for a moment and then lights up... ]

Alex: Alright! Lets do it!

[picks up helmet on floor and runs out]

[video starts with extreme sports (sky diving, mountain biking, car rally etc)]

[video fades with a grave shown. text comes up : "4 days after the second coming"]

[ Alex walks out different door (cleaner clothes) and sits by himself for a moment cheerfully admiring the surrounds. Shane comes soon after and sits next to Alex]

Shane: Alex! Good to see you mate!

Alex: Hey! Shane, we made it! How good is heaven!

Shane: I know! Amazing! My new vocabulary can not even describe its wonder. Hey what did you get up to in your last 7 days?

Alex: I went sky diving.

Shane: [thinking why] Skydiving?

Alex: [disappointed] I know, it was no where near as good as the flight here.

Shane: I bet. What else.

Alex: I went to Europe

Shane: [why?] Europe?

Alex: [disappointed] I know. The culture, architecture and history was nothing compared to the other worlds I've see out here.

Shane: I'm sure! Is that all?

Alex: Well.... I even tried drugs - [justifying] it wasn't like I had my health to preserve. But I tell you what there was NOTHING that compares to this!

Shane: Got that right.

Alex: So...what did you do with you last 7 days?

Shane: Oh I just shared Jesus with my friends.

Alex: [suprised] Really? That's it?

[group of people enter]

Group: Shane!

Shane: Hi guys!

Group: Whose your friend?

Shane: This is Alex.

Group: Hi Alex. Did Shane share Jesus with you in his final days too?

Shane: No no, I've always been a Christian.

Group: Lucky you! Hey Shane, wanna come visit Gabriel?

Shane: [of course] Yea-ah!

[Group leaves Alex alone, remains for a moment]

Alex: Wait up guys!



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