Two Dozen Roses

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - November 2, 2013
Brief: a short drama on the day's topic: Wholly Holy - how works come out of faith. 2 Timothy 1:9

[Two blokes, Larry Love and Garry Guilt, walk down either side of the church’s side aisles towards the front. On screen is a florist shop front image. The guys meet in the middle of the stage, Larry opens an imaginary shop door, and lets Garry in and they approach the back of stage.]

Garry: [to imaginary shopkeeper] A dozen red roses thanks.

Larry: [quickly after] I’ll take a dozen too, thanks.

Garry: [to Larry now] You too, hey.

Larry: [cheery] Yeah...

Garry: Forgot our wedding anniversary.

Larry: Oh no! Ouch.

Garry: Yeah . . . Wha’d you do?

Larry: [innocently] Oh, nothing.

Garry: [amused] Forgot too, hey?

Larry: Oh no. My wife just loves roses.

Garry: C’mon, you crash her car or something?

Larry: [chuckle] No.

Garry: Forgot to mention her haircut?

Larry: [chuckle] No.

Garry: [quickly] Or a new dress?

Larry: No, not at all. She likes them and I love to make her happy.

Garry: [pauses, bemused] . . . . Huh.

[Both receive their imaginary flowers and thank imaginary shop owner and open imaginary shop doors.]

Larry: [caring] Good luck, mate.

Garry: [nervous] Thanks.

[Part ways and exit]


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