Forgiving Confrontation

Brief: A short drama on the topic of forgiveness.
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 8, 2015 

[A person walks across stage, kind of looking behind them occasionally, as if to see if anyone is following them. One time, he returns his gaze forwards and there stands Jesus in front of them.]

Sinner: [jumps back] Whoa! I didn’t see you there. You scared me.

Jesus: [calmly] What are you up to?

Sinner: Oh.... nothing... Just going for a walk.

Jesus: Really? At 2am?

Sinner: Oh, is that the time, WOW, guess I’d better be heading home.

Jesus: Where have you been?

Sinner: Nowhere...just walking around. Looking for owls. Beautiful birds.

Jesus: You’ve been at the casino again, haven’t you.

Sinner: [faking ignorance] Casino? Is there a casino around her? No, not me.

Jesus: And last night?

Sinner: Last night? What about it?

Jesus: Where were you?

Sinner: [hesitantly] Home?

Jesus: How about the nightclub.

Sinner:  NIGHTclub?

Jesus: Selling and using harmful drugs?

Sinner:  Ummm . . . no??

Jesus:  And the night before?

Sinner: Hey, you’re sounding like my mother? What’s it to you where I was?

Jesus: As I recall you were at the Brothel.

Sinner: [Loudly, shocked Jesus gets 3 form 3 right] THE BROTHEL? [hushes] The brothel? What, are you following me around or something?

Jesus: And what about the weekend before last?

Sinner: Really, like I can I remember that far back?

Jesus: I’m sure you remember the small child you hurt?
[sinner looks away and starts their line, a light comes on brightening up Jesus while looking away]

Sinner: Augh, for crying out loud, I don’t have to take this. [then turns back to Jesus and says blasphemously ] Jesus!

[freezes, realising it actually is Jesus and mutters]

[curiously] Je-sus?

[Positive Acknowledgement] Jesus!

[guiltily] Jesus.

[breakdown] oh Jesus. What have I done? Who have I become. You are right. Everything you have said, it true. I am a monster. I am without hope. I am so sorry Lord. I have sinned. Forgive me Lord. Forgive me. . . no . . . take my life. I am not worthy. I have not just sinned. I AM sin. I am the worst of the worst. Burn me now.

Jesus: [softly] I forgive you.

Sinner: There is no depth I have not lowered to. Again and again I keep going back.

Jesus: [louder] I forgive you.

Sinner:  and I just cant sto...p. You forgive me? No no no, you don’t know what I’ve done. You can not begin to imagine the laws I have broken, the trust I have deceived, and the

Jesus:  I know everything you’ve done. EVERYthing. . . .

Sinner: Everything . . .?

Jesus: Yes. Everything.

Sinner: [sobs] I’m sorry, Lord.

Jesus: You are forgiven.

Sinner: How can you forgive me? After everything . . .

Jesus: I love you.

Sinner: You . . . love . . . me?

Jesus: I love you.

[Sinner drops head]

Jesus: Now get up, leave these things behind you and follow me. Today you have been forgiven.

[Jesus walks off]

Sinner: [raises head as speaks] Yes Lord. [notices Jesus is gone, looks up to heaven and says with a conviction of change and salvation] Jesus.



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