The Forgiving Principal

Brief: A drama on the topic of Forgiveness for a school chapel.
Written: Scott Wegener and the Edinburgh College drama class

Performance: Edinburgh College Chapel - August 17, 2015

The main speaker gets up to begin a talk on forgiveness but, before they have a chance to indicate what the day’s topic is the principal enters the room boldly and walks up on stage and takes over.

Principal: [Directed at the computer operator: holds up a USB stick or memory card]
Can you come and put these pictures up on the screen.
Sorry to interrupt but there has been a serious incident, involving some students and my car this morning.

[Waits for pictures to appear on the screen.]

We think we know who did this however, as a gesture of good will, if these people are gutsy enough to own up and come up the front and apologies, I am willing to forgive them without consequence.

Otherwise, this will be your last day at our school.

[Slight awkward pause… then Laura gets up, slowly walks to the front and stops, without getting up on stage, and looks down at their own feet]

Principal: Up here please.

[Laura gets upon stage]

Laura: Sorry, Sir.

Principal: Why would you even do this?

[Offender shrugs shoulders slowly]

Principal: Would the other person responsible like to come forward?

[Slight awkward pause…]

Principal: No? Last chance.

Principal: Well, Laura, I don’t understand why you would do this, but for owning up and taking responsibility, and apologising, I forgive you.

However, Zoe. [looks into audience] all you needed to do was own up like Laura and apologise. But I have no choice… Today will be your last day at our school.

[Slight awkward pause…]

Front row director: And… [stands up] CUT!!

Director approaches Principal and a secret front row camera person comes up too and pretends to show the footage to the director and principal as they look.

Front row director: Great work peoples

Principal: Was that ok? Was I serous sounding enough?

Front row director: No. No. That was perfect. Good job! [to original the speaker] Sorry for the interruption, carry on.

[ all sit down ]

Speaker talks about forgiveness in his message…


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