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Jul 19, 2014

Happy Sabbath Days

Here's a parody of the Happy Days TV show theme song I put together for SabbathIdeas.org .
The video was put together quickly, with two friends playing/singing all the parts, so it's a little rough, but it was a bunch of fun and you get the message.

Happy Sabbath Days Lyrics:

Sunday, Monday, happy days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days,
Thursday, Friday, happy days,
Saturday, the Sabbath day,
There's so much you can't do!

These are the Sabbath hours, (Oh Sabbath day)
Satan wants them to be sour. (Oh Sabbath day)

Goodbye grey sky, hello blue,
the Sabbath day is made for you.
A day of rest, fellowship too,
so much joy for you to choose!

The Sabbath days are yours and mine (oh happy day)
The Sabbath days are yours and mine (oh happy day)
The Sabbath days are yours and mine
Sabbath days are yours and mine happy days!


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