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Jun 20, 2015

What do your guardian angels do when you're in church?

Seeing is believing right? This fake 'live' video was shown during a church welcome in a way that tricked the audience into thinking it was live - at least until I showed them what their guardian angels do when they're in church? I filmed it three days before and wore the same clothes. I had a camera guy up the front with me trying to get the camera working as we stood on stage - the screen goes to blue then zaps in. Notice how it only shows feet as to avoid any obvious differences in the film from live reality and I quickly exit the door. Sermon topic of the day was about "Absolute Truth" - and yes everyone was drawn into and enjoyed the illusion :)

Jun 1, 2015

Long live the King

Signs of the Times, June 2015

I love our queen. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second - or 'Liz' as she prefers to be called. Well, to tell the truth, I’m only assuming she likes to be called ‘Liz’ as we've not actually met yet, but I'm sure that's how she'd roll. After all, she's so relaxed she has gifted us all a public holiday to celebrate her birthday each year.

Unfortunately, to date she's never been in my town on her birthday weekend, which is a shame because I’d freely invite Liz over for a barbecue and a game of table tennis.


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