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Wise Gifts

Brief: a wise man handing out gifts to children at a Christian work Christmas party.
Written: Scott Wegener
Performance: Signs Publishing Company, 21 Dec, 2015

Andrew: Is the anyone here who arrived on a camel, registration 1 s p 1 t ?

Wise: That may be me (enters)

Andrew: You are parked in a loading zone

Wise: Yes, I have things to download and I have very sore glutens, so wanted to park close.

Andrew: Where have you come from?

Wise: I come from the
I hear a baby king is to be born. I was shopping for some gifts.

Andrew: What did you end up getting?

Wise: It's very hard to buy a gift for someone who created everything.
I have 3 mates who brought gold, frankincense and, what was the other one?? (bless you)
Eventually I decided a Bunnings voucher would do. I reckon he'll like to build stuff when he grows up.
While I was in the I did some shopping for all my grandchildren but then realised I am over my carry on luggage limits.

Andrew: Oh, so you flew here?

Wise: No no, camel, but they have storage limits too you know.
So I have some gifts to give away to any children who would like something.
You don't have any children here who would like a present, do you?
I'll go get my camel.... I put some names on them for the kind of person I thought they might suit.
(Call names)
Well I have to get going. I have a camel train to catch...


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