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Jan 27, 2016

If you drink, and drink and drive...

Brief: a short, fun, video commercial promoting Alcofree

Siren “whoops” as screen fades in from black with police POV cam as he walks up to the driver window of the pulled over car from behind. When he gets to the driver’s window the driver looks a little agitated but gives a sheepish smile. Camera shot is into the car window, driver on left of screen slightly.

Police: Can I see you licence please..... You were driving a little quickly back there.

Driver: [hands over ready licence, see police arm take licence] I was, yes, sorry.

Police: Have you had anything to drink this evening, sir?

Driver: I have, that's why I was going so fast, sorry.

Police (cuts in): You have, have you. How much have you had tonight sir?

Driver: Well, 4 or 5 beers, a few glasses of wine and a few cocktails.

Police: [a little disgusted] You understand, being a P plater, you aren’t allowed ANY alcohol in your blood if you’re driving.

Driver: Yes, yes, I am aware of that. You won’t find any alcohol in my blood stream.

Police: Sir I’m going to give you a breathalyser, and you understand if there is any alcohol measured, you will be loosing your P plates tonight.

Driver: Do we have to? I really need to get going home...

Police: No no, this won’t take long mate. But I suspect we’ll be taking you somewhere else before you head home tonight, sir. Blow into this until I day stop, please.
(Beeps...) keep going, keep going, stop.
Ok...? Let's try that one more time please ( Beeps...) keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keeeeeep going .... stop.
Well, I don’t quite understand, but it appears you have no alcohol registering.

Driver: (confused and confident) Yeah?! Of course. I was drinking Alcofree.

Police: Right.... Well how does your drinking explain your speeding?

Driver: I REALLY need to go to the bathroom!!

Cut in quickly with black screen and music

Fade in text: “If you drink Alcofree and drive, be responsible!

Fade in text: Go to the bathroom before you leave the party!

Fade in: Alcofree Logo
Australia wide delivery
Visit alcofree.com.au


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