Parable of the 10 Virgin Airlines

Brief: a children's story to complement a sermon on the parable of the ten virgins.
Written: Scott Wegener
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church, 23 April, 2016

I'm going to tell you a story about a very Rich man. Let's call him RITCH-ard.
Richard was having a party. And he was
so popular there were 10 plane loads of people coming to his party.

[I need 10 kids to be aeroplanes...]

As all the planes approached the airport of the city where the party was being held there happened to be a large thunderstorm around the airport.

[Can you all make the sound of a thunder storm?] Or [drums or wobble cardboard]

So all the planes had to go into a holding pattern.

[Do you know what a plane holding pattern is? That's where planes fly safely in circles until it's safe to land at their destination.]

Now, 5 of the planes had filled up their fuel tanks to full, even though their flights weren't very far. They happily flew around and around and around waiting for the storm to clear.
The other 5 planes however only put in enough fuel to safely get to the airport and allow for a few circuits if there was fog or a little storm .
BUT, after 40minutes of circling these 5 planes had to go to the next closest airport to refuel.

So 5 of the planes headed out to land at the other airport to fill up.

[Go and land kids]

However - while the planes were refilling, the storm ran out of rain and thunder and lightning and the storm suddenly completely disappeared.
The 5 planes who wisely started with a full load of fuel could land immediately and unload their passengers for Richards great party.

The 5 fueless planes heard the storm had passed so they finished filling up as quickly as they could, put the furl cap back on, went into the airport and paid, and flew back as fast as their little engines would fly them to Richards airport.
BUT as they were getting close they radioed to the air traffic controller
Internal Radio: "Air control, this is flight 776, permission to land for Richards birthday party, over"
But the reply came back:
External Radio: "Flight 776 this is traffic control, permission denied, the curfew is now in place. You will need to divert. I repeat: permission denied, the curfew is now in place. You will need to divert"
And the five fueless virgin airline planes were forced to spend a cold rainy night in Canberra - how awful!
Jesus said he would come back to take us home, away from this stormy world, and there are many, many of us waiting for Jesus to return, but some people say they are Christians, they may even go to church, but they don't really have the love for Jesus in their heart . They like sound of heaven but don't live their day to day lives like jesus means all that much to them.

If you want to be one of the wise planes who has enough fuel and is eager to be with Jesus, keep reading you Bibles to get to know Jesus, keep praying, and being friendly, forgiving and caring to everyone you meet, like Jesus, and you'll one day get to fly home with Jesus when he returns.

Internal Radio: "Flight control, permission for castle hill children to return back to their seats? Over"

External Radio: "Affirmative, Castle Hill children may return back to their seats via isles 1, 2 and 3, repeat, isles 1, 2 and 3. Happy Sabbath! Over."

Internal Radio: Thank you flight control. Happy Sabbath to you. Over and out


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