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Nov 12, 2016

Heaven's Worshippers

Brief: a drama skit on Worship.
Written: Scott Wegener
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Worship Evening,  November 12, 2016

[Two angels (1 & 2) walk on stage (balcony) all excited after finishing a worship service in heaven.]

(Photo: Jess Laws)

1: Wow, what a worship service that was

2: You can say that again!

1: Actually I just did, I'm sure I said that last week

2: True, you did! And the week before

1: I tell you I never tire of worshipping them

2: Well, we don't actually tire of anything

1: Good point

2: No, I know what you mean, I feel compelled just to bow in their presence for the entire service

1: Yeah, but when the music starts - man makes my eyes water

2: Oh the music!

1: How bout the music!

2: I know!

1: I can not sing loud enough, nor in enough harmonies at once!

2: I've travelled nearly 1% of the current universe and there is nothing that beats being in their presence. So holy!!!

1: Holy! That's really the only way you can describe being in their presence. Holy.

2: Seems the only ones not understanding this are those poor humans on earth

1: [sighs] Yeah, look at them. Some are in mid concert worshipping right now.... So insipid.

2: I know... Some of them do kind of get it.

1: Yeah, those not texting. breaks my heart. If only they knew the glory they are attempting to praise.

2: And if only they could comprehend the love for them. Most don't even smile when they singing

1: IF they sing at all...

2: Or argue over what to sing

1: Oh isn't THAT painful to watch! So many miss the point. It's not WHAT they sing, it's WHY they sing.

2: Perhaps it's hard if you've never seen the glory. I mean, all they have is the account in the Bible.

1: I suppose they do ok, considering.

2: I can't wait until they come home!

1: I know, right! They are in for such an amazement. They have no idea what it's like to be in their presence.

2: Oh yeah, I couldn't even explain that to you and I've been doing it for hillions of years !

1: remember too, humans can't see more than the their light spectrum presently

2: AND can only hear that tiny frequency range

1: Yeah. Mate, when their eyes and ears are opened when we go get em, phewee! Good thing they're being made anew. No way they'd handle seeing the glory as they are now.

2: If only they could grasp the glory. Their worship would be so much more passionate!

1: Well. Soon enough

2: Speaking of soon, I reckon we're getting close to picking them up. Have you noticed rehearsals are now more frequent?

1: I have noticed. Hey, wanna go get a legion together and have a practice of our choreography?

2: Sure - though I was thinking of popping back for a little more worship time

 [walk off]

1: Oh yeah, count me in. Any time, anywhere. Holy holy holy!


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