Move with the Power 2017 series [X5]

Performance: SPD Move with the Power youth leaders conference - Sep 27 - Oct 1, 2017
Brief: A series of 5short skits matching the night's topic of the progressing journey of a Christian

1. Enlightened

[Angela is sitting on couch reading a magazine, a Bible sits on a table
Josh, a big bloke, walks in with a bag and holding a Football, wearing a dirty game top]

J: Hello?

A: Hi, You must be the new guy

J: Yeah. Josh [reaches out to shake hands]

A: Angela [shake hands] you play footy?

J: Oh yeah, it’s my life. Awesome game today. [mimes with the ball] two tries, and broke Barry’s ribs with a savage tackle. I was unstoppable today. You play footy?

A: Umm, nooo.

J: Watch it?

A: No way.

J: What, you a Christian or somethen, Angela?

A: What? Yeah? Because I don’t play football?

J: No, [points to Bible]  the Bible.

A: Oh! Yeah.

J: Seriously? You really believe those fairy tales?

A: Yes, Josh, I mean, no, I mean...they’re not fairy tales.

J: Really? Let’s take a look. I bet you whatever I open to will be kooky. [picks up bible and opens randomly] “Moses slaughtered the ram and took some of its blood and put it on the lobe of Aaron’s right ear, on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot. “ [looks at Wendy] Told you. You really take this seriously, Angela!?

A: That might take a bit to explain, can I take a look.

J: No, no no no, let’s see what other craziness we got in here. “

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” [sarcastically] oh, how kind “that whoever believes in him shall not perish... but have eternal life.”... good deal if it were true, I guess. [flicks pages]

“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger.... abounding in love.” mmm, ok, another one.

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” [half joking] well I suppose that would be me.

"Ask the LORD your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights."  Really? Ask for a sign? Is that what it says here, Angela? [shows Bible]

A: Yes, but...

J: NO! Let me ask God for a sign. [in a spooky condescending voice] God send me a sign so that I may believe. One more verse - [smirks] all or nothing... God

J: [clears throat - to mockingly say something profound] Zechariah chapter 3... verse 3:  “Now Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes as he stood before... the.... Angel?” [whispers in shock] Angela!?... NO WAY! [plonks Bible back on table and takes a step back] Is this for real?

A: [a little shocked too] Yes.... Yes He is.
2. Committed

[Josh is sitting on the couch reading the Bible but as Angela walks in he quickly tries to put it back]

A: Having a little read of my Bible, hey?

J: Oh, err, yeah, just having a flick through. sorry.

A: No, you’re welcome to. I just didn’t think you were into that kind of stuff.

J: No! I’m not. [pause for a few seconds] Say Angela.

A: yeah?

J: If God’s so loving, why does he burn people in Hell for ever and ever?

A: Oh, he doesn’t.

J: He doesn’t? That’s not what I’ve heard.

A: No, you could get that impression at a glance, but I’m happy to show you where the confusion is.

J: Oh, cool. [ pauses]  What about all the suffering in the world then. How can he be so loving if he let my little brother die in a boat accident?

A: He is loving, but you know, there’s a team of angels rebelling against God out there - all working to sabotage God’s reputation? There’s a good explanation if you want to hear it sometime.

J: Oh, sure,  [pauses] How good do you have to be to get to heaven?

A: You don’t.

J: I don’t get to go to heaven?

A: No, you don’t have to be good.

J: What?? You’re teasing me now.

A: Not at all. It’s Jesus who saves us, we Christians only try and be [acts out quotation marks] “good” because we love Him. There’s nothing you can do to win your way to Heaven, you just need to acknowledge you are a sinner and accept Jesus has paid the price for you.

J: This might sound silly. But I think I would like to know more and even join up, or whatever you do.

A: That doesn’t sound silly at all! I would love to share more about Jesus with you. Um, you do accept that you’re a sinner, don’t you?

J: Oh, HELL YEAH! - OH! Excuse me, I mean... Yes ma’am! You’ve never seen me play football have you...

3. Activated

[Josh on couch spinning football catches to himself, Angela grabs her belongings and keys, ready to leave]

A: Well, I’ll be off then.

J: So where is it tonight? Last night was soup kitchen wasn’t it, like every week? You don’t have a footy night too, do you?

A: Not at all! Tonight they need some helpers to pack a shipping container with clothes. We’ll be sending it out tomorrow to where the cyclone hit.

J: Oh, but I thought you said we didn’t need to do good things to earn our way to heaven. Our going to church each week is enough yeah?

A: No, we don't’ HAVE to, It’s just because Jesus asks us to help our neighbours.

J: So, there was a cyclone at our neighbours, next door? I thought it was windy last night.

A: No, all the people of this world are our neighbours. These are people who are hurting, and God cares and loves every one of them, and so should we.

J: But, can’t God just send help and fix it.

A: He does send help... us!

J: Right... I get it. Well I guess I’ve got some spare clothes you could take, if you want.

A: Great.

J: Or... can I come and help even? I think it’s time I started helping people, you know, living like Jesus.

A: I’m not sure you’re strong enough to help lift the bags.

J: WHAT?? Are you serious, I could lift the shipping container - if it was standing between me and the goal line.

A: Kidding, KIDDING!!! It’d be awesome to have your help. Maybe leave the footy at home, so no one gets tackled accidently.

J: Very funny.


4. Focused
[ Josh is on couch reading Bible, Angela walks in]

A: Hey, what are you doing home? Isn’t it footy night?

J: Yeah, nahh, I didn't join up this season.

A: Oh... WHAT??? That’s not yourself! Not playing Football? Are you injured?

J: No

A: Have you gone all scared of getting injured in your old age?

J: No!

A: Have you taken up netball?

J: NO! I just feel it was taking up too much of my time, all the training and game time and recovery. All for what, another plastic trophy.

A: Oh!

J: I mean, I can’t see Jesus wasting so much time on sport. You know, we don’t have that long on earth and there’s far better things we should be doing in our spare time then either whacking people, or training to whack people

A: Well, good for you!

J: Yeah, so I’ve been setting aside an hour a day to study the Bible and some prayer time a couple of times a day, and I go volunteer whenever I cannot too.

A: Wow, but what about our weekly TV marathon Mondays. We’ll still do those right?

J: Well, probably not. Maybe one show here and there - but seriously, Angela, you should probably consider cutting back on your TV. I mean, what is the point. When you get to heaven I don't’ think having never missed an episode, of whatever it is you watch, will be something that you’ll cherish for eternity ?

A: I guess.

J: And another decision I made also. No more designer clothes. I’m going to be handsome from the inside out.

A: Oh, you lost me there! There’s nothing wrong with dressing up, is there?

J: I’ve come to see money could be better spent, but more so, it doesn't’ really fit in with the Bible's call to be humble, does it? Anyway... I’m not telling you what to do. Just saying, I’m a new man. Old Josh is dead.

A: Well.  I don't’ see anything wrong in trying to look fashionable at church, like the other girls. And the telly I watch, I don’t watch all that much each night. Most of it doesn't have any swearing in it. Speaking of which. Do you mind if I put the TV on, season finale tonight.

J: Up to you. I’ll go read in my room. See you tomorrow.

A: Night.


5. Connected

[Josh is praying on his knees at the couch, Angela walks in reading the back cover of a DVD, not noticing Josh is praying at first]

A: Hey Josh, do you want to.....[whispers] Oh sorry.

[Josh gets up after a few moments]

J: What’s up, Angela?

A: Sorry about that. Hey, do you want to watch this DVD tonight? Looks pretty cool.
J: No. Actually.... I’m going to visit Graeme and Iris down at the boathouse.

A: Yeah? What for?

J: I don’t know yet.

A: You don’t know?

J: No.

A: Then why go? Having withdrawals from not playing comp footy for so long? Or you just want a reason to get out of the house?

J: No. I’ve been out all day actually.

A: Yeah? Doing what?

J: Quite a story actually. I went to the markets for some food items for ADRA and thought I’d do some letterboxing of our church outreach cards on the way home, but there was one house I just couldn’t letterbox.

A: A big dog?

J: No, I was compelled to deliver the flyer to the door in person, so I did.

A: And?

J: A lady answered, looked at me and just burst into tears!

A: So, that’s nothing new for you I’m sure

J: What? [confused]

A: Kidding! She just started crying?

J: Yeah, apparently she was praying for the first time, out of desperation, as she had no more food, and no money. She was praying that God would send some food to feed her young children and as soon as she said Amen, I knocked. When she opened the door she saw the food I was holding she thought I was an Angel bringing food for her.

A: Did you give it to her?

J: Nah, I told her I’d bought the food for ADRA, gave her the flyer and left! So the good news is now she knows we have a health food seminar on this weekend.

A: WHAT??!!! You should have given her the food.

J: HA! Now I’m kidding. Of course I gave her the food, and some cash. She invited me in and we spent the entire afternoon talking about Jesus. How awesome is it to share Jesus with someone who actually wants to learn!

A: Wow, what a story!

J: Yeah, can’t explain it, It was like the Holy Spirit was guiding me there. Even in conversation throughout the afternoon. I was recalling Bible texts I don’t even remember reading. And I feel that same feeling again tonight. I just feel like Graeme and Iris need someone around tonight.

A: That’s it?

J: Yeah.... Hey, pray for them, would you.

A: Sure, but what about.

J: Don’t know yet. It just feels like they need prayer.

A: Well, how long will you be. Do you want me to wait for you to start the DVD?

J: I’ve got no idea. Maybe you should come too?

A: Nah, it’s ok. I don't’ really know them. Think I’ll just chill at home.

J: Oh... ok. Enjoy the DVD then.

A: Thanks.

[ Josh packs his bag a little and Angel looks at back of DVD cover, then looks at Bible for a moment]

A: Wait! I will come too. If the spirit’s prompting, it must be important, right?

J: I’m assuming so. Let’s pray before we go.

A: Sure

J: Father in heaven, we don’t know what reason you’re sending us out tonight. Help us follow your promptings and fulfill your will this evening. Amen… Let’s Go.


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